MetaTrader for macOS Catalina is Down ⚠

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Hi Traders,

UPD: See how you can run “MT4 macOS Catalina” without compromises.

Latest macOS release from apple, macOS Catalina 64-bit, halts trading for all mac computers that updated to the latest operating system halting mt4 on macOS Catalina this Fall.

While the community is  working on MT4/5 on macOS Catalina fix, we suggest (if you haven’t updated yet ?) to avoid updating to the macOS Catalina by:

1.) Turning off Automatic Updates. On Mojave, the setting is in System Preferences > Software Update. On High Sierra and earlier, the setting is under the App Store Preferences.

2.) You will still see occasional notifications that the update is available, but you can dismiss them and continue running your current version of macOS.

  1. It’s always a good idea to have a Time Machine backup. In the event that Catalina is installed, reverting to the previous OS will involve the assistance from Apple Support (1-800-275-2273) and a backup is needed to return to a working state. If you don’t already have a backup, you can find the instructions for setting one up at

Not new to the community (new macOS is released nearly every year), the issue is different for the rigidity of Catalina’s 64-bit architecture. Wineskin winery emulation software (the solution used by most retails brokers to offer near native mt4 for mac) can’t handle 64-bit only systems.

If you already updated your mac, let us know, we’ll notify you as soon as we know more on the possible fixes.

Don’t get mad at your broker, they are most likely as shocked as you are. Meanwhile, MetaQuotes has still to put out any news regarding a native solution for apple desktop devices. macOS internet traffic account for over 30% but has long been neglected by the russian origin fintech forex hegemon – we wonder why?

UPD: See how you can run “MT4 macOS Catalina” without compromises.

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