October Premium Indicators Giveaway Due to Seminar Celebration

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Hi traders,

September was an exciting month with a new milestone. Elite CurrenSea organised its own seminar for the first time ever in the Radisson Blu hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Saturday 22 September 2018.

Thanks to our main sponsor XM broker, Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik provided a free 4 hour training that explained ecs.LIVE and the CAMMACD and SWAT trading systems in more detail. Around 80 seminar attendees enjoyed an informative, fun and interactive seminar.

This article also explains why we work together with XM and how to see the video recording and images of the event. It also explains how traders can receive 5 ECS indicators for free (read more at the bottom)

Enjoy the Recording of ECS Seminar

The seminar took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia but was also broadcast live via Facebook. The event was 8 hours in total, from 3pm to 11pm, and focused on trading methods and traders talking with each other:

  • The first 4 hours Nenad and Chris explained their trading strategies, style, approach, methods, indicators, stats, and results (see image below).
  • The last 4 hours were reserved for a networking event after the seminar where traders could talk to each other and with Nenad and Chris themselves.

Nenad’s CAMMACD account for ecs.LIVE.

The event was lively, dynamic and interactive as we gave a 360 degree of our trading methods, our trading stats, indicators and systems. But we also ventured into deeper thoughts about the market, price structure, chart patterns, and other key aspects when trading.

All in all, the seminar attendees, online audience and we ourselves were very happy with the event and organization. If you missed the original event, or if you want to see it for a second time, feel free to see the recording via this links for Part 1 and Part 2.

There is also the opportunity to see a 94 second summary of the event here:

ECS Seminar Event: 360 Degree Overview

The ECS seminar was a successful event with 80 live attendees and 300 viewers via facebook. So far more than 1,300 people have also seen the recording on FaceBook and another 100+ on YouTube.

We could see that the traders appreciated the experience and knowledge that Nenad and Chris offered in the seminar. Afterwards, we received lots of great comments and had wonderful talks and interactions with most of the attendees.

To get an idea how the event looked like, we also took professionnel photos of the live event in Ljubljana. Here are a few of them which we wanted to share with you:

5 Free ECS Indicators with XM Broker

As you know, our core goal is to help out our co-traders, followers and the trading community in general as much as we can. We do that by offering education, trading methods, indicators and systems.

XM sees the value that ECS offers to traders, which is why they decided to sponsor our seminar in Slovenia. XM aims for win-win outcomes for all parties involved: traders are able to use the methods and trades from ECS while using the services of a top notch broker such as XM with low spreads, costs, and a wide range of instruments.

We at ECS have a great trading experience with XM, which is of course the most important aspect. XM is a reliable partner for trading and we are happy to trade with this broker: they are a global broker with 1.5 million active traders, very low spreads and 700+ instruments. High Profile public advocate Olympic and World champion Usain Bolt puts his reputation to showcase his approval of the company.

The good news is that  if you join XM broker via Elite CurrenSea (and make a deposit*), we can offer five free indicators which are:

  • ECS Camarilla
  • ECS Wizz
  • ECS Fractal

XM cares about making their traders better. ECS is here to make that happen. Join ECS and XM this month (October 2018) to get the full benefits of trading with Champions.

We thank everyone involved for a wonderful event. A big thanks to the traders at the event live or via Facebook, our main sponsor XM, the hotel Radisson Blu, the catering, and our ECS team for making this event an unforgettable experience.

We hope to do this again in a city near you! If you are interested in seeing us visit your town or country, feel free to write us!

Last but not least, do not forget to team with XM and ECS to claim the special offer now!

(*) make sure that the link is connected to our IB. Also a minimum deposit is needed.

Many green pips,
Nenad and Chris
ECS team

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