How to Run MetaTrader 4 on macOS Catalina without Compromises

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Day traders may be excited to learn that there are multiple ways of running MetaTrader4 (MT4) on macOS Catalina (and lower). 

Through bridging technological deficiencies between incompatible software applications, traders can make use of the following external solutions shared below to enjoy the features, versatility, and advantages that stem from using MT4. 

To learn about these solutions, as well as how to overcome macOS Catalina support hurdles, we invite you to continue reading our how-to guide on how to run MT4 on macOS Catalina while learning about noteworthy alternatives along the way. 

🥳 It happened, first brokers started rolling out their versions of MetaTrader 4 & 5 for mac OS Catalina & Big Sur.

MT4/5 Download
(fixed broker version):

Crossover MetaTrader 4 for macOS Catalina (and beyond)

Considered a spiritual mate of the Winebottler solution, Crossover MT4 employs the same set of scripts and tricks that are accompanied by emulations, which most importantly make this method compatible with the 64-bit macOS Catalina. 

Two downsides regarding Crossover MetaTrader4 would be that it is not a cost-free solution, with licensing costs ranging between $10 to $30 (unless your broker pre-paid for licensing to the developer) while, as a whole, the solution is supported only by a rare selection of brokers. 

For users with macOS Catalina or below, to use MT4 for mac via Crossover your forex broker should provide you access with a ready-to-download installer that has been cleared out through an Apple emulation license (although there can be discrepancies to the adherence of this rule)

Despite Apple’s historical transition to 64-bit nearly two years ago, it is still disappointing that Crossover MetaTrader4 for macOS Catalina is not fully embraced while hassle-free support is provided via Wine. 

To simplify matters for you, we’ve prepared a list of macOS 64-bit MetaTrader4/5 compatible brokers below: 

The list still pending…. 

In the meantime, feel free to reach out for help with a custom solution that uses this method.

Installation Steps 

  1. Visit Crossover Website
  2. Download the Installer (14-day trial version)
  3. Extract CrossOver-( version #).zip
  4. Drag & Drop to Install
  5. Launch Crossover and; 
    1. Select “Install Windows Application”
    2. Make sure you have MT4/5 exe file(s) downloaded
    3. Type MetataTrader 4/5 in “Select Application”* to start the installation
    4. Allow Crossover to install additional components if asked
  6. Launch MT4/5 by opening Crossover app and selecting the Platform

Should you stumble upon difficulties when attempting to run MT4 on your Mac we invite you to reach out and connect with us via a website form. 

As a whole, Crossover is one of the most user-friendly and optimal solutions for bridging the technological gap between macOS Catalina and MetaTrader4. 


  • Easy-to-install
  • No Stability Issues 
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina (64-bit)
  • Core MT4 Functionality (EA Installation) Supported


  • Not Available via too many Brokers (as of late 2020)
  • Not Free ($10 to $30 per license)
  • Not all custom MT4 plugins are supported

*The exception to this rule is when installing a service pack or upgrade, in which case you may need to manually select “the bottle” that contains the software to upgrade.

MT4 via Bootcamp 

While switching to Windows operating system may appear like a no-brainer, there are reasons behind why this option may not appeal to some traders such as how there is no reason to replace a perfectly functioning computer or how it may boil down to a matter of preference to macOS loyalists. 

Fortunately, Bootcamp bridges that technological and psychological gap. 

Operating as a proprietary multi-boot utility, Bootcamp enables macOS users to install Microsoft Windows operating systems on Intel-based macOS. 

Installation Steps

  1. Select ISO File then click the Install button 
  2. Submit a Password then click the OK button 
  3. Choose Your Preferred Language 
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Submit Product Key (If You Have It)
  6. Click on Windows 10 Pro/Windows Home then click Next
  7. Right-Click Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP then click Next
  8. Installation of Windows10 will occur 
  9. Setup screen should materialize
  10. Select Express Settings or Customize Installation (disable switches if custom)
  11. Create an account, submit a username and password then hit Next
  12. Cortana may be used as a personal assistant or disabled 
  13. Windows OS should be fully booted and ready for use 


  • Full-Fledge Window System Features
  • Seamless Operating System Transition


  • Large Storage Requirements
  • Tedious Installation Process 
  • Windows 7+ Solutions Aren’t Free

Parallels for Mac and MetaTrader 4

Parallels provide a cross-platform solution that enables macOS users to simultaneously run both Windows and Mac OS at an annual subscription cost.

Dubbed as a user-friendly solution, Parallels integrates the Windows operating system with the Mac operating system and includes over 30 utilities for dual integration. 

Minimum licensing fees start at $79.99 per year for new licenses while license upgrades for previously existing systems start at $49.99. 

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase and download Parallels Desktop Installer
  2. Mount “.dmg” installation file to Finder by double-clicking 
  3. Double-click Install button 
  4. Go through Software License Agreement and select Accept
  5. Finalize installation after being prompted for local Mac user password
  6. No reboot required, installation should be complete


  • Run both Mac OS and Windows at Same Time
  • More Compatible Than Bootcamp or PlayOnMac


  • Requires a Windows License
  • High-End Annual Subscription Fee
  • Operates Less Seamlessly on Older Macs

PlayOnMac and MT4/5

Operating as the open-source Wine project, PlayOnMac renders a free compatibility interface which enables macOS to run Windows programs without the need of a Windows license. 

It should be noted that during installation, PlayOnMac Wizard installs an additional component known as XQuartz (a software tool that enables X Window System compatibility) while there is said to be no degradation in the performance of PlayOnMac over time. 

Installation Steps 

  1. Visit the Downloads Section at PlayOnMac website
  2. Run Downloaded DMG Package 
  3. Confirm macOS Account Password
  4. Install XQuartz Component
  5. Reboot not required but recommended

Launching PlayOnMac will enable users to install the Windows fonts required for MetaTrader4. 

From there, users may click on Install Software while choosing their broker’s MT4 installation file where it will be housed in a virtual logical drive on PlayOnMac. 


  • Cost-Free
  • Autonomous Updates 
  • No Windows License Required


  • XQuartz Component Required
  • Installation May Trouble Some Users
  • Manual Wine Update

Running MetaTrader on macOS via Wine (WineBottler) 

WineBottler is considered as one of the most versatile and simplistic software solutions which enable the macOS to run a host of Windows applications. 

Utilizing the core features of Wine, WineBottler does not require the user of emulators nor designated operating systems while the installation process is as seamless as the application itself. 

Installation Steps

  1. Download WineBottler from website
  2. Open the WineBottler DMG File
  3. Move Wine & WineBottler into Applications Folder
  4. Launch WineBottler from Applications Folders 
  5. Install MT4 Installation File & Select Parent Folder
  6. Reboot Not Required, Trading May Commence 


  • Cost-Free
  • No Stability Issues
  • Strong Reputability


  • Not all MT4 EAs are supported
  • Only some custom MT4 plugins are supported

Noteworthy Alternatives to Run MT4 on macOS Catalina

Shared below are a couple of noteworthy methods that traders can employ to run MetaTrader4 on macOS Catalina. 

macOS MT4 WebTrader

Using a broker’s Cloud iteration of MetaTrader4 is widely considered one of the easiest methods of using MetaTrader4 on macOS Catalina. 

By using a broker’s Cloud version, traders aren’t required to purchase, download, and install applications onto their Macs while utilizing this alternative simply requires access to a web browser, which is already required for trading. 

As a whole, most forex trading platforms support a web-based version of MetaTrader4.

Employ MT4 via a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Using a Virtual Private Server not only enables traders to execute trades faster with minimized interruptions but also provides them the ability to employ MT4 in the cloud.

After subscribing to a monthly or annual VPS service, traders can then utilize a remote desktop software (like Zoho Assist or LogMeIn) where they can remotely connect to MetaTrader4.

You may employ these steps to run MT4 on macOS Catalina

  1. Acquire a Virtual Private Server
  2. Download and Install a Remote Desktop Application (RDA)
  3. Connect PC Name, Credentials, and IP Address Port into RDA
  4. Initiate Sync & Begin Trading

Should you have any questions or run into any issues while employing any of the solutions shared above we invite you to reach out and connect with us.

Good Trading,
Team of Elite CurrenSea


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