? Great Week With New CAMMACD Module & Key SWAT Announce ?

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Dear Traders, 

The ecs.CAMMACD account remains near record highs despite the extremely slow market. A total of 13 setups were closed in just 5 trading days using the ecs.SWAT and ecs.CAMMACD trading methods. 

The ecs.CAMMACD approach scored 7 wins and 3 losses for more than 200 pips whereas ecs.SWAT captured a huge win on the GBP/AUD for +245 pips and a solid win on the GBP/USD for +70 pips (closed on Monday).

ecs.CAMMACD Trade of the Week: GBP/USD

The trade of the week was the GBP/USD as it officially scored 100 pips. We scaled in when the price dropped and managed to secure even more pips.

We also had an extremely low volatility in the Forex market as interested moved to the equities market. Hopefully, the volatility in Forex will return to normal this week.

A good week is behind us and all our ecs.LIVE traders should be very happy with the results.

ecs.CAMMACD template in action


The ecs.CAMMACD system has introduced trading on 15 m timeframe in the unique form of scalping. Actually we can say, this is even better than pure scalping due to the fact that profits can easily go to 50 pips. We use custom indicator for spotting price continuation patterns and the joy of scalping has never been easier. Last week 3/3 SCA setups were profitable. We expect this trend to continue. 

ecs.CAMMACD.SCA template in action

ecs.SWAT Trade of the Week: GBP/AUD

Last week was somewhat quieter for SWAT with a total of only 4 setups but I wanted to be more careful because the increased risk on the setups of a week before created a small draw-down. 

The more cautious approach worked out well with 2 trades closing for solid wins and a third closing at break-even:

  • GBP/AUD +245 pips and 2.01:1 r:r
  • GBP/USD +70 pips and 1.23:1 r:r
  • EUR/NZD 0 pips
  • GBP/NZD -154 pips and -1 r:r

The total profit of these 4 setups was 2.24 r:r which is +4.48% profit when using 2% risk per setup.

ecs.SWAT Update 

I will be halting ecs.SWAT signals until the end of 2019 to have more time for the ecs.SWAT course, ecs.SWAT EA, and the main project of my life – my family. 

Thank you for your understanding – 2020 is only 6 weeks away. Besides, I will continue to provide analysis, videos, and webinars to help your trading decision making. Also Nenad will continue with CAMMACD as usual with additional scalping setups so I am confident that you will continue to enjoy enough trades.


We’ll let you know how to join and get your hands on the new automated trading system soon. The solution is based on SWAT concepts like MA’s and Fibs and has been in the works for the better part of 2019 and is already boasting 6 months + of live record, but I will leave it to you to decide on the quality when the method is released.

The EA trades the EUR/USD fully automated, including entries, trade management, and exits. Soon we’ll be adding information on the ECS website.

Good trading,
Nenad and Chris and the entire ECS team
Elite CurrenSea

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