FXTM Broker Offers Traders 1x Premium ECS Indicator

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Hello Traders,

FXTM broker has a special offer for followers of the Elite CurrenSea (ECS) website where you will be able to win a premium ECS indicator of your choice.

Winning the indicator is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Take a few trades with FXTM broker
  2. Send us an email showing those few trades
  3. Choose one of our paid indicators (choose from our indi page)

FXTM Wants to Help Traders

FXTM is offering this special deal because it realizes how important trading education and charting tools are for traders. As a partner of Elite CurrenSea, FXTM wants to help traders with improving their approach, methods, and systems.

As all traders know, tools and indicators are critical for successful strategies, entries and exits. Elite CurrenSea’s indicators are proprietary tools that help traders with tough trading decisions and offer excellent help for finding better entries and exits.

Prizes for First 10 Traders

The first 10 traders that are able to meet the criteria will win one premium ECS indicator of their choice. And the criteria are very simple:

  1. Take a few trades with FXTM broker
  2. Send us an email showing those few trades
  3. Choose one of our paid indicators (choose from our indi page)

There are a total of 7 premium indicators that you can choose from (see next paragraph).

Hurry up and make sure that you are one of the first 10 traders to win an ECS indicator!

Premium Indicators You Can Win!

Here is an overview of indicators that traders can choose from thanks to FXTM broker:

  • ecs.Camarilla pro
    The number one tool from Nenad Kerkez, aka Tarantula FX, who uses it intensively for his ecs.CAMMACD trading system. Provides the best Pivot Points and be used as key S&R levels and for entries & exits.
  • ecs.Wizz pro
    The number one tool that is used in the ecs.SWAT method. Offers a truly unique way when to expect impulsive price action. Also determines how to determine trend versus range, plus works as a targeting tool.
  • ecs.ATR pro
    An useful indicator for spotting overextended price movements. The ATR stands for Average True Range and indicates the expected range of the day, which allows traders to avoid bad entries and capture smart exits.

  • ecs.Dashboard
    Traders receive 2 different indicators which indicate the current trend. One is based on Heiken Ashi and the second uses moving averages. Both provide a quick overview of dozens of instruments and 3-8 time frames.

  • ecs.Fractals
    The indicator is a core component of ecs.SWAT system and shows key support and resistance levels. It also provides critical information about the trend, retracement probability and reversal danger via simple color and symbol codes.

  • ecs.MACD
    This is another must-have tool for ecs.CAMMACD fans. The ecs.MACD provides a wealth of information regarding trend, momentum, retracement, and divergence patterns.

  • ecs.Murrey Math
    This indicator, which is based on Fibonacci levels and octaves, plots 13 key horizontal support and resistance levels. All of the levels also indicate a zone where traders can expect reversal or continuation.

Free Tools Added in “Indicator Library”

Elite CurrenSea has also added 12 other tools in its new indicator library. Traders are able to download a wide range of free indicators from this page.

Here is a complete list of all the indicators and the tools that can be freely downloaded:

Click on the indicator page to download one or all of the files right now.

Installing the Indicators and Tools

The tools and indicators are meant for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and can be used with the broker of your choice. For a quick and full overview on how to install the indicators, please check out the installation video below.

Make sure to stayed tuned in to our blog for all of the latest updates!

Join ecs.LIVE for our latest and daily trade setups and live analysis.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea team

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