FXDD-ECS Cooperation to Deliver Free Webinars & Analysis

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Hello Traders,

Forex & CFD broker FXDD is teaming up together with us (Elite CurrenSea) to offer valuable webinars and analysis to their traders in specific and the trading community in general.

The ECS team with Chris Svorcik and Nenad Kerkez – aka Tarantula FX –  will be offering more free webinars, videos, and analysis (technical, wave, chart). All traders will be able to benefit from this cooperation as the content will not be limited to FXDD account holders only.

What Will FXDD & ECS Offer?

FXDD will be offering a wide range of new webinars and analysis starting from January 2019. Chris Svorcik, Nenad Kerkez (Tarantula FX), and the Elite CurrenSea team will be providing a long list of free analysis:

  • 1x chart with technical analysis per day
  • 1x chart with wave analysis per day
  • 1x educational webinar per week
  • 3x short trading videos per week
  • 5x full trading webinars per month

The webinars and analysis will focus on the Forex market, but also cover index CFDs, commodity CFDs, and even a few cryptocurrency CFDs.

Technical Analysis

Get more action from Nenad! Tarantula FX will show more of his famous price action analysis, his Camarilla indicator, and ecs.MACD.

His charts will indicate the most interesting trade setup of the day and how you can trade it. The biggest value of Nenad’s analysis is that trade ideas are accurate, pre-fact, and fully explained. Every day Nenad will tackle the charts and deliver a new piece of analysis.

Image technical analysis from Nenad

Wave Analysis

Chris Svorcik is back with more waves! Chris is well known for his Elliott Wave analysis and now he will offer more wave charts with FXDD.

His wave analysis is known for understanding the chart in a deeper way by analysing price swings and chart patterns and offering a clear understanding of key decision zones. Chris uses arrows to indicate bounce and break spots at decision zones so everyone (wave and non-wave traders) understanding how to read his charts.

Here’s an example: the charts below show how Chris was expecting a bullish bounce at the support zone and how price indeed reacted to that area.

Left: EUR/USD 1 hour wave analysis on 11 January 2019. Right: daily chart on 11 January 2019.

Short Videos

The videos will be focused on trade setups rather than just simple analysis. Both Chris & Nenad will be scanning the financial markets and looking for the instrument that is the most interesting.

The videos will be short and to the point, cutting out any unneeded and long analysis, and focus on 1-2 trade setups within 5-10 minutes. Make sure to check them out if you are interested in new trading ideas.


The webinars will also provide the same no-nonsense style but provide a deeper and wider overview of the financial markets. The webinar is live which means that there will also be an opportunity to interact with Chris and Nenad LIVE and ask them follow-up questions.

Rather than focus on one trade setup, the webinars will discuss several trade ideas and also indicate the overall market sentiment now and in the near future (this and next week).

Image: screenshot of CAMMACD webinar

Why is FXDD Offering Free Webinars & Analysis?

FXDD realises how important pre-fact analysis and trading education really is for the traders of FXDD and the trading community in general. To make traders better and increase the trader’s chances of being profitable in the long run, they decided to invest in analysis and education by cooperating with Nenad, Chris, and Elite CurrenSea.

Both FXDD and ECS were happy with the cooperation. Nenad Kerkez indicating that he was delighted with the extra support for traders:

“Helping more traders from FXDD is just simply fantastic. I can’t wait to start! We are going to show lots of new material that have really shown great results till now.” Nenad also added that Elite CurrenSea gladly works with FXDD broker: “They had some rough years at the beginning of this decade but they have worked hard on improving their service in the last 5 years.”

FXDD choose Elite CurrenSea as their partner due to the appreciation from their fanbase and years of work in the field. Jun Dambara from FXDD explained it as follows: “We see that traders really appreciate their work – track record, trades, analysis, and webinars. We are looking forward to offering the same on FXDD.”

Nikita Barabanov, affiliate and marketing co-partner together with Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik, mentioned the synergies between both parties: “I think that FXDD and ECS can greatly benefit each other. ECS provides first class quality analysis to FXDD whereas ECS gets the opportunity to reach out to more traders. It’s a win-win for all 3 parties (the trader, FXDD, ECS).”

Last but not least, Chris Svorcik added: “I think that traders appreciate our work, we can see it in our YouTube views & comments, our Forex Peace Army (FPA) reviews, and number of website visitors that go to our ECS website regularly. We think that working together with FXDD is going to be a big benefit for everyone, especially for the traders.”

Where Can I Find & See the Analysis & Webinars?

Excellent question. You and other traders (both FXDD and non-FXDD account holders) can view our analysis and webinars directly on the FXDD website itself.

Who is FXDD?

FXDD is a Forex and CFD broker with headquarters in Malta. FXDD was founded in 2002 and offers 6 asset classes from their offices in Malta and New York.

FXDD is an established industry leader with clear regulations and a segregation of clients’ funds. The firm holds and operates under the rules of Category 3 License from Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Under the EU’s MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), FXDD is approved to provide cross border services across the European Economic Area (EEA).

FXDD core focus is on pricing and execution. They also offer freedom to traders because they can trade any strategy. Traders also have access to various platforms such as MetaTrader (MT4), MT5, WebTrader, and ZuluTrade. Last but not least, FXDD offers a Negative Balance Protection, which means that trader’s losses cannot exceed the available funds.

Can I Trade with FXDD?

Yes of course!

FXDD is a broker where you can open a demo account, a standard account, or an ECN account.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon and often on the FXDD website, do not forget to bookmark their web page!

See you soon on FXDD webinars and analysis!

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik, Nenad Kerkez,
and the entire ECS team

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