✅ ecsLIVE Shows 2316 Pips Monthly Average with 77% Win Rate ✅

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Hi Traders,

It’s time for a new update with our latest trade results and statistics from ecsLIVE in the recent weeks.

For your information: ecs.LIVE is a Telegram based service from Nenad and myself (Chris) which offers analysis and setups to traders.

December and January Win Streak

We had a great run with our live analysis in the past few weeks:

  • The past 6 weeks we had win rates above 82%.
  • The past 4 weeks we had win rates above 90%.

Our internal goal is a 70% win rate so that traders can trust our trade setups with more confidence and missing one more winning setups will also not extend or prolong any drawdown all too much.

Overall Performance: +2316 Pips and +47% Return per Month

ecsLIVE has been active for 12 weeks now (3 months) and the results speak for themselves:

  • Total pips: 6950 pips –> 579 pips per week average, 2316 pips per month average.
  • Total reward: 143% reward –> 11.9% per week average, 47.7% per month average (based on 1 % risk per trade).

Here are also more stats regarding total number of trades:

  • 214 trade setups sent –> 18 per week average.
  • 164 winners –> 76.6% win rate.
  • 50 losses –> 23.4% loss rate.

We also kept track of the reward to risk ratio. The entry versus the stop loss level is the risk for each trade so a full loss is calculated as -1% loss. We use market exits and trail stop losses to keep losses short and let winners run so here are the stats regarding reward to risk ratio:

  • Average win is 0.88.
  • Average loss is -0.47.
  • Reward to risk ratio is 1.87.

Performance from Other Traders

Another important aspect is not only how Nenad and Chris are trading but whether and how this helps traders. One of traders, Darwish, has been trading with us for several months and he has been seeing good success in January 2018. Let’s share his quote with you: “Those are my accounts result from 01.01.2018 till today ? its great result […] really you have a very positive touch on me and on my career , I am very happy for that and {…} to learn from you.”

And here is his statement:

Trading consistently takes time and effort. But once you apply patience and learn from us, then we do see traders that are able to find success with their own trading.

Feel free to join our ecsLIVE telegram group as well!

Wish you good trading,

Nenad and Chris


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