ECS Offers Insane Black Friday Discounts (50%+)

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Hello Traders,

Elite CurrenSea is offering special 50%+ discounts during Black Friday so that you are well prepared for trading in 2019. The discounts remain valid till Wednesday 28 November at 00:01 CET. Check out this article to find the best deal for you!

Special Discounts

Elite CurrenSea had a fantastic first year with ecs.LIVE, which made almost +300% in 700 setups (using 1% risk per setup). And now we want you to be with us for the 2nd year!

Here are the offers for Black Friday which last till Wednesday 28 November at 00:01 CET

Our main methods with 6 months of ecs.LIVE:

Our CAMMACD offers:

Making a Choice

All of the above mentioned trading systems come with a huge discount and we understand that it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here is a step by step guide to help:

  1. The first aspect you need to decide on is your budget.
  2. Then determine whether you want to trade with ecs.LIVE (our own channel with setups) or if you prefer to focus on trading systems only.
  3. Reach out to us via email ( if you have a certain trading style and you are not sure what to choose. Mention Black Friday in the subject.

Here is more information for each system:

  • ecs.CAMMACD: offers 7 rules based trading systems, including the strategies lite (swing trading), trend, counter trend, scalping, swing scalping, London breakout, master breakout. Best for scalpers, intra-day and swing traders that are looking to trade the market using indicators and price action.
  • ecs.SWAT: offers 5 discretionary strategies and 1 rules based approach. Best for intra-week and swing traders that are looking to trade the market using price patterns, wave patterns, swings.
  • ecs.ULTRA: new system that offers 1 rules based strategy. Is fully traded and managed on the 4 hour chart so suitable for swing traders that have little time as well. Ultra looks to trade the trend and manages to avoid the range and choppy price action. Ultra testing shows a 60% win rate, +600% profit in 430 setups (2% risk) in 4 year and 8 months, and a low drawdown of 10 to 20% (using 2% risk).
  • ecs.LIVE: our live Telegram channel where we place many of the setups from the CAMMACD, SWAT, and ULTRA strategies. Besides setups, we also offer trade management updates, analysis, wave analysis, live webinars, and updates.


Now is the best time to join ECS and together make a rock solid 2019. Elite CurrenSea is working on exciting improvements (updates coming soon) for all systems so we advise to join the community now rather than later 🙂

Join our World of Trading today!

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea
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