ecs.LIVE webinar with Chris & Nenad @Prague

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Hi traders!

We invite you to join our live webinar next Friday, to learn why last summer has marked a new milestone in Elite CurrenSea’s history and learn what we had to do too deliver the best service we had to make ECS priority number one.

A short recap of ecs work since last summer:

  • Two brand new trading systems
  • Started Live Trading Telegram Service – ecs.LIVE
  • Launched Member Area
  • Released free ecs.START package consisting of:
    • Fibonacci Trading Handout
    • Camarilla Trading Handout plus Indicator
    • Wizz Trading Handout & Tool
    • Heiken-Ashi Trading Handout
    • Greatly Increased resource avalible for support & mentorship
    • Expanded free education & analysis to crypto & stock market

The pace we are currently at make us content and full of energy to increase the speed, quantity and amount of quality trading materials (free, paid) that would allow all our traders to reach their financial goals.

To celebrate this short-term internal achievement and do some off-line work together, next week, we are meeting in Prague, CZ and would like to invite you to attend our free (everybody is welcome to join!) live broadcast with Chris & Nenad on Friday, February 16, where we will update you on plans for 2018, brag a bit about our achievement and off course, have a free conversation with all of you!

Feeback & Questions for the Live Broadcast in Prague

Your questions to Chris and Nenad can be sent to ECS e-mail, twitter, facebook page, to the contact form on the site or in any other way convenient to you (please make a note “for q&a webinar”). You can JOIN THE WEBINAR VIA THIS LINK  right now.

Many green pips and see you soon!

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