? ecs.LIVE trading Update: +3000 Pips and 65% Reward ?

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Dear Traders,

it’s again time for a new update on our ecs.LIVE performance. Now we are celebrating 10 weeks of wins in a row  and we wanted to give you more information about our latest trade results, statistics and developments from past few months. Our previous article dates back to March 7, 2018.

For your information: ecs.LIVE is a Telegram based service from Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik which offers signals, analysis, education and tools to traders as well.

Solid Results & New Developments

We had a great win streak during the last 10 weeks:

  • 83 Win trades.
  • +2370 pips
  • +44% profit.

Total statistics since the last March update are also impressive: +3100 pips in 179 trades. We managed to book 65.4% net profit in those past 14 weeks using 1% risk per setup on those trades, which equals to 4.7% per week or 19% per month.

During this time, we developed and released new trading modules and tools:

They show excellent performance and will undoubtedly improve results in the future!

Overall Performance: +1421 Pips / +30% Reward Monthly

The total is even more impressive! ecs.LIVE has been active for 33 weeks now (5 months) and the results speak for themselves:

  • Total pips: 11721 pips → 1421 pips per month average.
  • Total reward: 243.4% reward → 30% per month average (based on 1 % risk per trade).

Here are also more stats regarding total number of trades:

  • 498 trade setups sent →  15 per week average.
  • 352 wins → 70.7% win rate.
  • 146 losses → 29.3% loss rate.

We also kept track of the reward to risk ratio. The entry versus the stop loss level is the risk for each trade so a full loss is calculated as -1% loss. We use market exits and trail stop losses to keep losses short and let winners run so here are the stats regarding reward to risk ratio:

  • Average win is 0.96.
  • Average loss is -0.63.
  • Reward to risk ratio is 1.51.

Interested in joining ecs.LIVE? Learn how to get it for FREE here.

Wish you good trading,
Nenad, Chris and Team of Elite CurrenSea

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