ecs.LIVE Opens Up Doors for 2 Week Free Trial

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Dear Traders,

Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is offering traders a 2 weeks trial with free access to their premium live signal and analysis service called ecs.LIVE.

The free trial will start on Monday 3 June (4am GMT) and will end on Friday 14 June (11pm GMT).

Traders can already join the free Telegram channel where all of the setups, analysis, and webinars will be shared and announced.

Read more about the special summer time offer in this article.

What is ecs.LIVE?

Simply said, the ecs.LIVE service is your daily support in tackling the markets. Our main focus is offering practical help, not theoretical ideas, about how traders can tackle the markets. We show our own live trading setups, including our exact levels for entry, stop loss and take profit.

The ecs.LIVE service is a Telegram channel, which has started in October 2017 and has been very successful and popular with Forex traders.

The goals of ecs.LIVE are based on three pillars:

  • Live trading signals.
    We show traders how to tackle live trading with our ECS systems (CAMMACD, SWAT) by providing live examples of our trading setups. This includes our entries, entry zone, stop loss, take profit, trade management, trail stop losses, earlier exits, change in take profits, etc.
  • Live analysis and webinars.
    We show traders how to analyse the Forex and CFD markets with more clarity by offering trading ideas, analysis, and live webinars that intensively explain the market in detail. This includes daily wave analysis on 4 currency pairs, technical analysis of 2 other pairs, 4 live webinars per week, forecasted highs and lows of the Forex market, and an overview of the candlestick patterns.
  • Trading education.
    We show traders how to become better traders by providing top-notch education as well. This includes:

    • The ecs.LIVE course with 25 videos that explains the ecs.LIVE service and the basics of charting and understanding technical analysis.
    • Bonus educational webinars a few times per month.
    • Live explanations how to deal with trading psychology and live fundamental aspects.

Where do I sign-up for ecs.LIVE?

The good news is that the trial is completely free. We are offering the free trial because we are confident in our service. In any case, you can join for 2 weeks and then decide to stay a member or leave – fully up to you!

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain… are you ready?

Yes, I want to join the free ecs.LIVE trial!

P.S. read here for more information about installing or using Telegram (ecs.LIVE is using Telegram as its main vehicle for powering its service).

What are the stats and results of ecs.LIVE?

The results speak for themselves. Ever since the beginning of ecs.LIVE, most weekly and monthly results have been showing clear positive results. Of course, there are some exceptions and the 2019 trading year has been particularly tough to trade due to the extreme low price volatility. We ask traders, however, not to judge ecs.LIVE only on the results during the 2 week trial but also to keep in mind the long-term track record and the value of our translating theory in practice education style and philosophy.

We keep track of our own stats because myfxbook offers some challenges in the long run. Account withdrawals and deposits can change the outlook of the stats and also trading different instruments (like Gold) can too. Do not worry about the accuracy of our stats because the results are rigorously checked by our 100+ group of traders that do not let any potential error slip by without letting us know!

As you can see above, the performance in year 2 has been weaker than in year 1 but the results are still very good in our opinion. Just keep in mind that the results can vary from week to week and month to month:

  • Out of 20 periods with 4 weeks, we only had 2 that were negative (10%) and 18 were positive (90%).
  • Out of 82 weeks of trading, we only had 14 negative weeks (17%) and 68 were positive weeks (83%).

We want to stress the importance of understanding the long-term results and benefits. Unfortunately traders tend to expect miracles and 50 wins in a row. We can tell your right now that we cannot deliver such results. If you are looking for a place where you can make 100% wins, then ECS is not for you (keep in mind that the goal is very questionable too, its better to aim for a balanced win rate with good reward to risk). We only focus on serious trading without over-trading and by doing that, we have about a 66% average win record and 34% losses with a reward to risk ratio of 1.22:1.

We also have a live track record with MyFXbook:

What do I receive with ecs.LIVE?

A 2 week entry pass to our “home of traders” with multiple updates per day and at least 6 days per week. The ecs.LIVE service consists of 3 parts:

  • Telegram: the main service is provided via our Telegram channel.
    • All the setups, links and information is sent via this group channel.
  • Webinars: we also use a webinar software for our live events, which take place at least 4x a week.
    • The links are sent via the Telegram channel so you are up-to-date.
  • Website: we have a member’s area on our website.
    • Our live analysis is added here.
    • Our educational course with 25 videos can also be seen here.
    • The links are sent via the Telegram channel so you are up-to-date.

Isn’t summer time trading too slow?

Although the Forex market does indeed tend to slow down, it usually only becomes less volatile in August and specifically in the middle of August. However, this also depends from year to year and sometimes markets can make decent price movements even in August.

There are a couple of reasons why joining ecs.LIVE during the summer makes good sense:

  • There are still plenty of normal trading weeks to be expected in June and July.
  • We will show how traders can find the best trading ideas, even in the month of August. This way you can get more tips on how to stay out of bad trades during lower volatility.
  • Building up experience and education is always best when you are full of energy and the summer time (at least for the northern hemisphere) is good moment for that.

What can I expect from ecs.LIVE?

We cannot guarantee winning trades because nobody can. We do however offer real life, brutal truth, and full exposure to our live trading setups, analysis, and webinars.

Our goal is to show traders how we translate theory into practice – during both good and bad times. Here is what you can expect:

  • On average we trade about 13x setups per week but this number of course swings up and down depending on the market circumstances.
  • The trades are mostly done in the Forex market and are usually open during the day and are sometimes kept overnight. >
  • We also send information about how we manage the setups.
  • Most of the trades are done in the London and New York trading sessions.

The number one experience that we want to provide is that you learn from our ideas, decisions, and analysis so you grow as a trader.

If you do not believe our word, then feel free to check out the 48 reviews on Forex Peace Army where we have an excellent 4.975 average star rating out of a possible 5.

Here below is an image with one our followers who explains the value of ecs.LIVE in his own words.

The idea length that traders join ecs.LIVE depends on your experience level:

  • Traders with 0-2 years experience: best to be a member for 1-2 full years if possible.
  • Traders with 2-5 years experience: best to be a member for at least 6-12 months.
  • Traders with 5+ years experience: best to be a member for at least 3-6 months.

Of course, whether you stay a member is up to you. Even 1 month of learning and live trading experience is better than nothing, which is why we have flexible membership plans when you decide to join ecs.LIVE after the 2 week free trial:

  • 1 month = 109 euro per month
  • 3 months = 295 euro per quarter
  • 6 months = 499 euro per half a year

We hope that you will test ecs.LIVE and find your new trading home with us!

Yes, I want to join the free ecs.LIVE trial!

Cheers and safe trading,
Chris, Nenad, and the entire ECS team
Elite CurrenSea
P.S. Indeed, the trial is completely free. We are confident that you will see the value of our service, which is why we are opening our doors for a full 2 weeks.

Yes, I want to join the free ecs.LIVE trial!

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