EA Trading Season with AxiTrader ?

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Hi Traders,

Automated trading systems have always been a controversial topic – the benefits are alluring, yet the disappointment and dodgy sentiment of an early 2000’s are still protruding from every crack in the trading community.

Our Experience with Automated Trading ?

From bitter to sour and back to the moon, through a numerous partnerships and proprietary attempts at EAs, the results often come through an ordeal. We hope with the London Open EA – and other SWAT EAs coming soon – to set make a huge leap forward.

This part of command is designed to trade historical breakdowns… Although the number of geopolitical turmoil may not suggest a 15 min graph, yet that’s where LOA runs the trades.

We are excited to take this success into the final phases of other automation related projects.

So, What’s Sponsored by Axi? ?

Quite a lot, twenty 90 days licenses of London Open EA are released during the second half of October, as a part of sponsorship program initiated by AxiTrader (a strong fx and cfd vendor according to our review).

Again, the method is a subsystem of ecs.CAMMACD, that has been generating a lot of account growth in 2019.

Throughout this period, You’ll also be automatically enrolled into premium telegram group and the rest of ecs.LIVE.

How to Apply for cammacd.LOA ??

To get the offer you would need to:

  • Open an account using our referral link (we get the rebates on your trading fees, which AxiTrader keeps to a minimum)
  • Send us an email with a proof of account opening
  • Trade using cammacd.LOA or by following our setups via telegram and live trading in crowdcast

The offer is valid for the month of October. And limited to 20 licenses. Hurry Up ?

Will you have questions regarding the promotion, don’t hesitate to reach us via the contact form.

Team of Elite CurrenSea
Elite CurrenSea

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