Affiliate Program Launch (beta): Get 2x Lifetime Revenue Share Rate

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We are happy to announce the beta launch of an affiliate program. Form now on everybody can benefit from referring clients to any of our paid services.

To start, register a Partner’s Account, examine the affiliate areas and start referring client using your unique affiliates links.

We use cookies to store the data about your referrals – if you referrals don’t buy immediately, we will make sure any of your referrals will get assigned under your account as long as they purchased within a reasonable time.

Double the Lifetime Revenue Share

Within the first month of the launch every new affiliate will automatically subscribe to a 40% revenue share for the lifetime of each client.

Everyone who brings over 4,000 EUR in revenue during the first month* (1,600 EUR in affiliate profit) will get extra 10% on the final amount and will keep the lifetime revenue share of 50%** for all future referrals.

To start referring clients:

  1. Register an affiliate account
  2. Make sure to examine affiliate area
    1. Check out the Banners
    2. Generate Referral Links
  3. Start promoting our services
    1. ecs.START
    2. ecs.LIVE
    3. Trading Systems
      1. CAMMACD
      2. SWAT
  4. Get paid via PayPal or Wire Transfer at the end of the month

Hurry up, the next month the initial lifetime revenue share will revert back to the base of 25%.

How Does the Tracking Works

Don’t worry about referrals who do not purchase immediately after they click on the link. You will get the reward as long as referrals use your unique link and purchase within the next 45 days.

We are adhering to the standard industry practices used by major e-commerce venders around the world. Each time a client makes a purchase via our website you will see the referral in your Partner’s Room.

In case any of your referrals fall under our Broker Giveaways the fees will be added to your account manually. The prerequisite for the discounts is a member area account our website, at which point your referral get attached to your affiliate account.

The calculations of profit for such referrals are made at the end of the month, with screenshots sent to each affiliate who become eligible for any of our special giveaways.

The Payouts

You will get paid at the beginning of each month via Paypal (PP), Wire Transfer, or custom payment method depending on the agreement we make.

We are working on adding more payment methods in the near future. For clarifying questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our e-mail.

Store Credits

You can use your referral fees to purchase our products directly via the website. When at the checkout, choose “store credits” to pay for the course.

Marketing Materials & Creatives

When logged in to the affiliate program you will find our best-performing banners and suggested copywriting for each product.

We recommend to promote ecs.LIVE & CAMMACD Services ensuring people see the feedback on our services via our Facebook Page & Forex Peace Army.

If you need additional information/materials from us, feel free to reach us out via the contact form.

What to Promote First?

If you aim at immediate sales, we recommend to share links directly to our product pages:

NB! Make sure to generate affiliate links for each product first.

Terms and Conditions

Keep in mind that referrals to direct family members and usage of affiliate links to purchase systems for yourself would lead to refusal in any payouts and complete banishment from the community. Keep in mind that you can purchase our products with the referral fees you earned.

We expect your integrity and discretion. For more details see partners terms and conditions.

We will greatly appreciate your feedback during the Beta Launch

* Beta launch ends on January 17th

** For a Full CAMMACD course the maximum affiliate fee is capped at 35%.

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