Trading Performance | Forex, CFD & Options Trading – September 2020

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Dear Traders,

our performance update provides up-to-date trading stats for the manual systems, automated trading, and managed accounts of Elite CurrenSea during Sep 2020. 

This article reviews the Zeus EA and LOA EA from Elite CurrenSea, the Rush EA and Ultima EA from Mislav Nikolic, and the Black Widow semi-manual system from Nenad Kerkez.

Zeus EA Gained +3.1% Last Month

Profit share members of the Zeus EA enjoyed a financial gain of more than 3% for September 2020. As usual, the EA reflected consistency by booking profits each day while ultimately closing out yet another month of trading wins. Additionally, this month’s trading shows an exceptionally low draw-down of just 0.53%. Finally, the ratio between gain and draw-down computes to almost 6:1 (3% gain versus 0.53% draw-down).

Win Rate67.7%
Net Pips+1,712


What’s the main take?

Both institutional and retail investors’ confidence was further solidified by the Zeus EA performance last month. The consistency rendered by the system not only resulted in respectable profit gains but also puts traders at a tactical trading advantage due to significantly reduced draw-down from the 12.34% experienced last month.

ecs.LIVE (By cammacd.BlackWidow)

The Black Widow monthly gain last month was nearly the same monthly gain of both its two previous months combined. With over a 12% gain this year, the Black Widow is projected to continue its steady trading gains over the months.

Win Rate72%
Net Pips+12


What’s the main take?

Managed by Nenad Kerkez, the Black Widow scraped up nearly a 75% success rate for the ecs.LIVE members during September 2020. To date, this brings the ecs.LIVE winning percentage to 75% (85 winners out of 113 total trades). As a result, traders are experiencing a stable equity curve and growth, which may carry from September through October. Last month’s monthly gain closed at 4.34%, with a low draw-down of only 3%. 

Ultima EA +18% in September 2020

After a few months of stagnation and difficulty, the Ultima EA has overcome a momentous hump and has once again started chugging along the train of consistent trading gains. With over a 500% gain to date and a positive increase of 146.50% percent year-to-date, the Ultima EA continues to be as effective as ever. 

Win Rate43.88%
Net Pips+187


What’s the main take?

While some traders may have wished for more profits, the fact that the Ultima EA managed to secure a substantial 18% gain during September 2020 is beyond noteworthy, especially given the last few challenging months. The Ultima EA’s performance could be the spark of a recovery period, but only time will tell. The open trades executed at the end of September hit their target and already put October into positive terrain. All in all, traders who began in August/September are likely in profits, while those starting in April/June may still be down slightly or near break-even – although the results in October are placing most into positive territory now. Nonetheless, let us hope that progress continues. 

Rush EA +95% Gain (Nearly 2x Account!)

Despite being a relatively new member of our trading family, the Rush EA performance last month was explosive and nearly resulted in traders doubling their September account balances. 

Win Rate62%
Net Pips+640


What’s the main take?

The Rush EA nearly doubled the trading account balance last month. Its performance speaks volumes for itself and serves as a testament of just how quickly profits can amass in one month. Contrary to its more conservative brother, the Ultima EA, the Rush EA is more consistent with booking monthly profits. Even though we only started our account at the end of July and the start of the draw-down, the performance rendered last month means that the trading account is overall back into positive territory.


The ecs.LOA EA is the only system to generate a trading deficit for Elite CurrenSea this year. With losses mitigated to -6.35%, the ecs.LOA EA has faced challenging conditions generating below a 50% winning rate. Despite the historical performance, the ecs.LOA EA is showing signs of progress and has begun this month with a +4.97% gain. 

Win Rate37%
Net Pips-277 pips


What’s the main take?

During September 2020, the ecs.LOA EA is the only system to find itself in negative territory. While the loss is survivable, it still toppled at just over 5%. LOA stands for London Open Advanced, while the system itself trades breakouts during the London opening hours. With over ten years of system backtesting, the LOA.EA offers slower growth expectancy; therefore, minor losses time-to-time is not uncommon for the LOA.EA.

Options Trading with Marco Doni 

Wishful thinking last month had us hoping for a more peaceful month of investing as a reduction in volatility characterized August, but like usual, the markets have other ideas. 

With volatility coming back in alternating long and short high-frequency movements, the continual trend reversals confined suitable swing formations into difficult positions, putting highs in overbought territory and lows in oversold conditions. 

As a result, our strategy was less effective due to fewer trading opportunities. 

Win Rate33%


What’s the main take?

Since the start of the service, September began as a month with fewer signals. Despite this, Marco still closed out the month with a positive performance gain of 1.9%. 

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Mislav Nikolic
Marco Doni
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Chris Svorcik
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