LOA EA Available, Tips on Ultima EA & Creating Own Trading Systems

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Dear Traders,

today’s live weekly webinar on automated trading systems discusses the newly updated LOA.EA, why Ultima EA’s performance can vary and what to do about it, and tips and tricks from Chris Svorcik on creating your own trading system.

Check out the recording of the live webinar in this article. 

Discover ecs.FRACTALS and swat.CANDLES

The London Open Advanced EA is a 100% fully automated trading system that trades the breakout during the London Open. It is available on the EUR/AUD currency pair. 

But we are also working on trading it on Bitcoin (via XBT/USD). The most impressive feature is the 10+ years of back-testing offering an average of +/-6% per month. 

This webinar also discusses the reasons why some traders see different performance results on the Ultima EA. Furthermore, Chris Svorcik explains some key factors when manually back-testing and 3 tips on how to build a reliable strategy in this process.

Next Steps With LOA EA

The LOA.EA is already available via a free sponsored option or via a one time payment of 299 euro (-40% discount). 

Or join our live webinar on 4pm GMT 5 October 2020 to hear more about the LOA.EA.

Also, join the live automated trading webinars each and every week with Chris Svorcik.

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik

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