How to Forward Test New EAs & When to Intervene in Automated Trades

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Dear Traders,

curious when you should start trading an EA live? Or why we prefer not to intervene in an EA as much as possible?

Check out the recording of the live webinar with Chris Svorcik. He discusses many angles and ideas on the LOA.EA from Carlos and Nenad and on the Ultima EA and Rush EA from Mislav Nikolic.

Recording of the Live Automated Trading Webinar

This ECS webinar fully focuses on automated trading systems. It discusses these topics:

  • How our trading team will test the LOA.EA on Bitcoin in order for us to add it to our portfolio. 
  • The LOA.EA on Bitcoin promises interesting results with just 13% draw-down and 90% of the months ending up positive. With the low risk, it still manages to gain about 6.5% per month on average. 
  • This webinar also reviews how to avoid over optimizing your EAs.
  • Some of the differences between Rush EA and Ultima EA.
  • How the Ultima EA exiting and equity curve expectations work in more details.
  • Why do we not intervene in the Ultima EA.
  • And if you wanted to intervene in any EA, then when would be a good time to do that.

How to become an automated trader?

Join us or get more info via these link:

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik

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