Bitcoin EA Completes 2nd Month of Live Trading

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tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear Traders,

are you looking to tap into Bitcoin’s volatility after breaking above the previous top and all-time high?

Our newest automated trading systems allows traders to trade Bitcoin automatically.

This article explains more about the system, the performance, and how you can start trading the EA yourself (tip: check the bottom if you are in a rush).

Real Live Trading on Bitcoin EA 

The live trading itself has been relatively short. We have only been trading the EA on Bitcoin for 2 months now. 

But the results have been quite decent and are showing a slow, yet optimistic start.

Although +4.1% is low compared to the gains made by Bitcoin itself, keep in mind that the EA trades in both directions and automatically. Not only when there is a bull run. 

This is why back-testing is so important. And above all, high quality back-testing.

The Bitcoin EA managed to show impressive results throughout our back-testing process.

  • First, we started with testing the EA using the usual 99.9% modelling accuracy.
  • But we also completed in vs out sample testing. This indicates whether the settings used in the original test work just as well in the future data.
  • And we completed a walk forward test. This is how it works:
    • We choose the best optimized data on an initial data set (1 year i.e.).
    • Then we test those settings on a future period (8 months i.e.).
    • We repeat this exercise a few times. We did it 6x.
    • We then compare the back-testing results with the walk forward test.
    • If the back-testing results in terms of profitability and draw-down are similar to the walk forward tests, then it indicates that the EA is robust and sturdy.
    • The worst case scenario is when the back–testing results are much better, which indicates that the EA was perhaps over optimized.
    • With Bitcoin EA, both the back-testing and walk forward testing were very similar.

Back-Testing Results with Bitcoin EA

Bitcoin managed to get +6.64% per month in back-testing with a low draw-down. Here is a full overview:

  • Tested for almost 3.5 years
  • Draw-down was small with a maximum draw-down of just 13.5%
  • 90.2% of the months ended up with profits
  • The remaining losing months (9.8%) saw 100% end up with smaller losses (5% or less) and none (0%) of the months with more than 5% loss
  • The worst one monthly result was -4.93%.
  • The best one monthly result was +32.92%.
  • 48.8% of the entire back-test ended up with +5% gains or more.

Here are the main stats for the LOA.EA with Bitcoin:

  • High profit factor of 1.61 (!)
  • Win rate 40.5% with average reward to risk ratio of 2.37 : 1
  • Short average trade length of 1 day
  • A total of 655 trades
  • Very low chance of losing the entire account, hence low risk EA (risk of ruin is only 6.52% chance to lose 10%, 0.31% chance for -20%, 0.1% chance of losing 30% and less than 0.01% for losing 40% or more)

Decade’s Back-Testing on Bitcoin EA

The back-testing shown in this LOA EA myfxbook link summarizes the results while trading the Bitcoin with 2% risk, maximum of 8:1 leverage and 50 pip spread. Keep in mind that trading with a higher spread will worsen the overall expected result in the long run.

The average expected gain per month is +6.28% when trading with 2% risk per setup. Here is a summary of their results:

YearYearly resultsQuarterly results
202048.15% (Jan – Sep 2020)all quarters were positive (till mid Sep 2020)
201982.17%3 out of 4 quarters were positive / negative quarter was -4.63%
201863.28%all 4 quarters were positive
201789.41% (May – Dec 2017)all 4 quarters were positive

As you can see from the table above, there was only 1 quarter negative out of a total of 15. 

How To Start with Bitcoin EA

The current Bitcoin EA can be purchased for a one time fee of euro 499. 

This gives you a life-time access to the EA without any recurring costs in the future.

As the live track record of the Bitcoin EA becomes longer and more appealing, we are expecting to switch from a one time fee to a rental version with monthly or quarterly payments. 

That is exactly why purchasing the Bitcoin EA is even more lucrative right now, because you can secure access to the EA forever without recurring costs.

As  Bitcoin EA member, you will receive two indicators and one guide:

  • The LOA.EA itself which determines the automated trading
  • The LOA indicator which plots the exits (stop loss and targets) on the chart so traders can see the key levels
  • The LOA EA guide how to start trading

Purchase Bitcoin EA for a one time fee of euro 499. 

This is your best chance to make sure you access Bitcoin EA for the cheapest price possible.

Wish you good trading,
Nenad Kerkez
Carlos Cordero
ECS team

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