Zeus EA Recordings Explain Performance Stats and Lot Sizes

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Dear traders,

the Zeus EA is a fully automated trading system created by Elite CurrenSea and our strategy partner Trade like a God. It has an expected average monthly gain of 3-15%.

Our live webinar from earlier this week provided more details about the performance, stats, and strategy. We also answered your questions, which we will add in the article itself too.

If you are thinking about expanding your portfolio of EAs and automated systems, then read this article carefully!

Zeus EA Webinar Recording

First of all, we will share the two videos that we prepared:

Feel free to watch both of the videos when you are travelling or in a listening mode. We will also provide you with the key information from these videos in the remainder of this article.

Start with Zeus EA immediately

Profit Expectations and Optimizing Lot Size

The minimum recommended trading capital is $2,500. With this capital size, traders can trade all their positions with a 0.01 lot size. The lot size may not increase, even if there is sufficient capital added. The only way to trade with more lots is to rent a 2nd account. Luckily, there is a discount available for traders who trade with 3 or 5 accounts (see pricing below).

In the table below, you can see the recommended number of accounts depending on the capital that you allocate to trading Zeus EA:

Minimum recommended capitalNumber of accounts to purchasePrice

This will ensure that traders optimize their return per account. Increasing the lot size would reduce the expected earnings in USD. Why? Because you need 6x the capital ($15,000 versus $2,500) to trade 3x the lot size (0.03 versus 0.01). In absolute terms, traders can expect on average to earn 3x as much (lot size is 3x as large) but they will be earning relatively less than when trading $2,500.

This is why there is a lot size limit of 0.01 lots per account (per $2,500). If you plan to trade with more than $2,500 capital, traders can purchase multiple licenses and keep their expected profit potential at the same rate. Each license allows traders to trade 0.01 lot size per each $2,500 account.

So if you want to trade with $15,000, then you could purchase unlimited licenses which gives you the ability to trade 6 x 0.01 lot size and maximizes your earnings. By buying multiple licenses, you can significantly reduce the required capital and maintain the optimal return both in absolute and relative terms.

We have a special discount for adding more advisors. Here are the prices for the life-version via our partner broker KTM (without VAT):

  • 1 EA costs €499 
  • 3 EAs will only cost you €1,299 → minus 13.4% and save €200
  • Unlimited EAs will only cost you only €1,999

If you prefer to trade with your own broker, then there are options too, see the product landing page for more details. 

The Performance Stats

The EA is usually providing a stable performance with relatively lower draw-downs and consistent gains. Here is an overview of the expected performance stats per $2,500 account trading with 0.01 lot size: 

  • Monthly performance: average expected gains of 3 to 12% per month.
  • Yearly performance: average expected gains of 70-100%.
  • Draw-downs: usually the draw-down is low at about 10-20%, but it can increase to 40 to 68% at times.
  • Profit factor: usually well above 1.5 and sometimes above 2.0 (gross profit vs gross loss).
  • Win rate: between 70% and 75% of the trades.
  • Reward to risk ratio: 0.65 : 1.

Traders can follow the Zeus EA performance via two myfxbook links:

More Information about Zeus EA

The Zeus EA is aimed at consistent returns with low draw-downs. This offers traders a stable equity curve and, generally speaking, less worries due to the lower account volatility. 

The performance is not negatively affected as long as the spread on the EUR/USD is below 3 pips. 

Keep in mind that when trading the Zeus EA via KTM, you will see an average spread on the EUR/USD of about 2.3 pips, which is well below the 3 pip threshold.

Learn How to Start with Zeus EA

The Zeus EA is now available for a one time payment of €499. There is one condition: you must open an account with our partner broker, Key-to-Markets (if you already have an account opened via us, just send them an email to onboard you fro Zeus EA). This price includes a life-time access to the EA. 

Zeus EA is a classical EA which means that you need to install it on your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. A VPS (virtual private server) is preferred because the EA needs to run continuously. 

If you need help with choosing a VPS service, then we can advise you or help offer you our own (€500/year) but this would require you sharing an MT4 account password. Both 3 license and unlimited license packs come with 12-14 months of free VPS. 

Ours or your own, to ensure a stable work of the EA, It’s pivotal to use VPS with any EA that runs 24/5. We hope you understand that. 

The Zeus EA is also available via the non-sponsored versions starting at €999 (lifetime). Three and Unlimited number of licenses come with up to 14 months of VPS. 

The minimum deposit with KTM is €2,500. The main options are:

  • Life-time access with one time payment of €499 for 1 account if you open an account with KTM broker via the ECS link. 
  • Life-time access with one time payment of €1,299 for 3 accounts if you open an account with KTM broker via the ECS link
  • Life-time access with one time payment of €1,999 for unlimited number of accounts if you open an account with KTM broker via the ECS link
  • One year access with one-time payment of €999 per license (max preferred capital is €2500)

Why is option 1-3 cheaper? The lower pricing is based on the fact that the EA does a handsome volume for a broker and ECS in rebates (spread will be 2.3 pips on EUR/USD). Due to low historical drawdowns, the EA can run for a long time. The rebates are used by ECS for R&D, maintenance, promotion and support.

What’s next?

Start with Zeus EA immediately

Please keep in mind: the EA is not available via the profit share model and the EA is only available via the MT4 platform.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea

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