? VPS Guide Available for Ultima EA Renters

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Dear traders,

our team has created a guide about using and choosing a VPS (virtual private server). The goal is to help Ultima renters with running the EA in the best way.

Ultima EA renters can now find the guide inside the Elite CurrenSea member’s area

This article will also explain the importance of a VPS for running an EA and why traders should always pay attention to this choice.

Why is the VPS Choice Critical for EAs?

The Ultima EA is an automated trading system. But traders need to find a way to trade the Expert Advisor (EA) first before they can start. 

There are two main choices before the EA can trade properly:

  • Method for running the EA;
  • Broker for entering trades.

Running the EA is an important choice that should not be neglected. Let’s compare it to a car. Would you use a Ferrari engine and all of its technology in a 20 year old second hand car? Or would you prefer to use that kind of power in a new car? 

The Ultima EA is a powerful piece of trading software. But it does need the right vehicle. If you choose a cheap solution for running Ultima, then there could be multiple problems:

  • The EA could be disconnected and miss trade setups;
  • The EA can also fail to implement the trade management correctly (moving the trail stop loss or take profit).
  • This in turn could damage the expected results in the long-term.

Be careful with choosing a free or cheap solution for running the Ultima EA or any EA or automated trading system. Brokers often offer a free VPS service, which might seem appealing to save costs but it usually lacks quality. You are sharing the VPS with many traders, which makes it less reliable.

Although we cannot evaluate all of them, many of these free options struggle with more disconnections and potentially missed trades or exits. Choosing the right VPS is worth your time and effort so that you get the maximum out of your investment and EA. 

VPS Guide Now Available for Ultima

Ultima EA renters can now download the newest VPS guide inside the Elite CurrenSea member’s area

The guide has 4 parts:

  1. Running the EA: why is it important?
  2. Options for running the EA
  3. Options for VPS choice
  4. Options for brokers

The guide presents 4 options and rates each of the options with stars. One star is the weakest choice and 5 stars is the best choice. Here are the main methods:

  1. EA on your own computer
  2. Using the broker’s VPS
  3. Using your own VPS
  4. Renting Mislav Nikolic’s VPS

We also added the pros and cons of each option and the action needed to start.

The guide also provides recommendations for:

  • Reliable VPS company
  • Reliable brokers

If you are not sure which broker to choose, feel free to check out our trusted brokers page. You will find a list of brokers that we recommend.

Backtesting and Live Trading

For more information about the past and current results:

Capture pips with Ultima EA and become a member!

Good Trading,
Mislav Nikolic, Ultima EA creator
Chris Svorcik, Elite CurrenSea

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