? Ultima EA Starts with 90% Winning Streak ?

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Dear traders,

short-term results should never impact a trader. In theory. But in practice, we all know how easily our trading psychology is impacted by the next trade or two.

When you first introduce a trading system to the public, starting with a winning streak is not a must but it is certainly welcomed. And that is exactly what the Ultima EA achieved in its first 2 weeks of trading. First impressions always seem to carry more weight than they should.

This article reviews the performance of Ultima EA in its first 2 weeks. It also explains the importance of long-term results and why short-term results must always be placed and reviewed within a long-term context.

By the way, you can read our Ultima EA announcement if you missed it before.

The Ultima Live Results in Last 2 Weeks

The Ultima EA been open to the public for a full 2 weeks now. Although we have been trading the Ultima EA live for more than 6.5 months, we only opened up the doors recently because we wanted to be able to show a decent live track record.

The Ultima EA made a decent start – see image below:

The performance of the first 2 weeks showed multiple positive numbers:

  • The account is up +8.13%.
  • The draw-dow was only 5.03%
  • Last 10 trades: 9 wins.
  • Last 2 weeks: 10 out of 13 wins
  • Size of wins: 7 out of 10 wins were 23 pips or more
  • Profit factor is 2.35

Obviously we are satisfied with the results, especially when taking into account that the markets are usually slow at the beginning of the year. But we always remain focused on the long-term (see next part).

Long-Term Results Remain Key

Traders often make the classical mistake of judging and evaluating a system based on a small amount of data like 2 weeks of trading or a small series of 10-20 trades.

In reality, these short-term results do not say anything about the system or its long-term performance.

We are happy that the system started off with a win streak. But we want to emphasize that this is not the correct perspective for evaluating systems.

The main focus should always be placed on the long-term results and long-term quality back testing and never on short-term streaks.

10% Bonus in January 2020

If you decide to trade the Ultima EA yourself and you join FXDD in the month of January, then you will receive a deposit bonus of 10%.

To open an account, visit our Ultima EA page or open an account with FXDD directly.

New FAQs Asked by Our Followers

  • What is the leverage with a new account with FXDD? 500:1.
  • Is the leverage and profit/loss ratio the same for all Ultima EA traders? Yes.
  • Will it vary depending on the country of origin? No.
  • How long can I join Ultima EA with no upfront costs and with the profit sharing module? This will always be available as long as you sign-up in January. We may decide to close the doors next month in February 2020.
  • Why do I not see a new update? I update the live trading account twice a week. I have heard that the updates can be done automatically, so I will be changing this during the upcoming week.
  • Is the Ultima EA performing consistent and draw down as you target? It is performing as we expect. Here you can see our live track record of the last 6.5 months.
    Our goal is long-term profitability so we are willing to accept a high drawdown (because we trade the system with 5% risk per trade) and an uneven distribution of the profits on a weekly and monthly basis (not all weeks or months will close in profits).
  • Are the trades correct? Are any trades missed? The performance with our FXDD account is the same as the main account. We have tested the software and it is working very well. No trades are missed and all trades are correct and per the strategy.
  • Can I find out more about the system behind the Ultima EA? Yes, please read this article on the strategy behind Ultima EA automated trading system revealed.
  • I heard that there was a live webinar. Is there a recording? Yes, you can see the recording of the live webinar indeed.

Remember, the profit share module in combination with no up front costs and a low minimum deposit will only be available shortly.

We advise you to sign-up in January if you want to claim a spot before we close the doors.

Join now here!

Read more info here!

Many green pips,
Mislav Nikolic and Chris Svorcik
Elite CurrenSea

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