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Dear traders,

Are you curious about the performance and upgrades of Ultima EA, our automated trading system?

We are offering a free & live weekly Ultima EA webinar with the creators Mislav Nikolic and co-creator Chris Svorcik. In this webinar you will receive regular updates and news. The good news is that it’s open to everyone (both Ultima members and non-members).

The article explains more what you can expect from the webinar and how to join!

How to Join the Weekly Ultima EA Webinar

The Ultima EA webinars are weekly, live, and free of charge. They are also available and viewable for everyone, even if you are not trading the EA yourself.

The Ultima briefing webinars will start from Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 7:30am GMT. The webinars are weekly so there will be a new webinar each week on the same day and time.

Join the Live Ultima EA Briefings Now

What if you cannot join live?
The recording will be available after the live webinar is completed. You can use the same live webinar link to access the recording. Find the correct date and click on the play button to see the recording.

Can I ask questions before and during the webinar?
Yes, you can. The webinars are created to help you with Ultima EA. Ask your question in the chat box on the right side of the webinar link. Please send your questions before the webinar starts so we can prepare beforehand. But of course, also feel free to ask questions during the live webinar.

Ask your Ultima EA Questions Here (use chat box on the right)

What to Expect at the Ultima EA Webinars?

There are a couple of aspects that we will discuss on a regular basis. Here is the list:

  • Trading performance and statistics
    • Our own live accounts
    • EA rental live accounts
    • Profit sharing live accounts
    • Back-testing results
  • Trading psychology aspects
    • Handling draw-down
    • Managing potential and open trades
  • Strategy, indicators and concepts behind the EA
  • Managing your account
  • Updates and news
  • Your FAQ’s

Live Performance & Stats

We will review Ultima EA’s performance from the previous week. The focus will be on results with 3% and 5% risk on the EUR/USD 15 min chart and 5% risk on GBP/USD 60 min chart. We will review the gain or loss, trade setups, trade management, number of setups, and the draw-down. 

Once a month we also review the monthly performance and place that into a long-term context. And of course, there will also be a quarterly and yearly review of the performance too. Multiple accounts will be reviewed as well.

The live trading results will also be compared to back-testing results and similarities and differences will be analysed.

Trading Psychology

Trading the financial markets might seem easier with automated trading than manual trading. But both types of trading have their own specific challenges. The mental game is always a factor when trading, whether it’s automated or manual trading.

With manual trading, the trading psychology places a heavier burden on opening a setup and managing that open trade setup. Are you following your rules? Are you analysing the charts without bias?

Many of these challenges are removed when trading an automated solution like the Ultima EA. The EA takes the trade and manages it without your intervention. But there is another type of pressure: winning streaks, handling draw-downs, manual intervention or not, and finally adding deposits and removing profits. All of these challenges are discussed in the live webinar as well.

Remaining aspects

System: the Ultima EA webinars will also dive into more detail how the system works. We will share some of the rules. Also, more information is provided about the indicators and their roles.

Managing your account: the webinar will also address the question of deposits, adding deposits, withdrawing profits, and managing your account in general.

Updates and news: we will share if there is a new Ultima EA version and explain the changes. Ultima EA renters will be informed how to receive the newest version.

FAQ: last but not least, we want to help traders with understanding the EA and how it works. Currently, our support is overwhelmed by all of the questions from Ultima EA renters and profit share members. But generally speaking, the questions are quite similar. The best is to visit our webinar and ask your question live. Feel free to ask before the webinar starts or during the live session.

Live Ultima Briefings on Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 7:30am GMT

Check out the Ultima EA page for more details on automated trading.

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik & Mislav Nikolic

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