Trading Journal: Profitable Trading Week as the Markets Listened to CAMMACD

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Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

Last week’s price action was very favorable for us. We have closed the week with 159 pips of profit where the GBP crosses dominated the markets. Markets were slower but tradable.  The end of the week brought our account in good profits.

With the latest CAMMACD.Core V2 release, we can fight every market, along with the CAMMACD.EA.

Live Account: 6 Wins, 2 Losses

After initially losing a few trades, we managed to cover all of the losses with very good money management and accuracy. We saw the following division per system out of 8 setups:

  • 3 setups from CAMMACD.Core
  • 2 setups from Market Flow 
  • 3 setups from CAMMACD.EA

I use different and very efficient tools for trading, which proved to be invaluable partners during the trading week. The big problem for traders was slow markets, partially due to the US holidays at the beginning of the week. We also used Market Flow setups, price action trading style, that will be added to CAMMACD Course during this year.

See the screenshot (above) of the Market flow template. Additionally you can also check myfxbook Live Account (Verified). *DrawDown is from profits, not from the deposit as 90.000USD profits have been withdrawn, so I’m trading with 10k only. 

The Power of ecs.Oscillator.

The ecs.Oscillator is a special indicator which combines 5 different algorithmic indicators. It gives us excellent OBOS (overbought/oversold) conditions and the proper timing for an entry. After that we aim the TP with so-called “slingshot” trades, a special combo of MAs. The uniqueness of the CORE method has been a testimony to many good trades and very good comments from our traders.

I use ecs.Oscillator with both CAMMACD.Core and CAMMACD.EA. It is an invaluable tool in identifying setups. Core setups are additionally confirmed by so-called “slingshot” confirmation while the EA setups with ecs.Oscillator use angled Moving Averages as the confirmation.

If you are interested in taking your trading to the next level with me as your mentor, then you can get both the live trading setups and CAMMACD system that generates them via our website.

Cheers and safe trading,

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