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Dear traders,

Do you know traders or non-traders that might be interested in trading the markets with a fully automated trading solution? Our affiliate program might be the right solution for you. 

We are now launching an affiliate program for Mislav Nikolic’s Ultima EA. You can earn passive income from introducing the EA to your friends, family, colleagues, and connections – online and offline with the help of our marketing and customer support.

Accepting Affiliates with Mislav’s Ultima EA

First of all before we dive into the affiliate details, let’s explain the EA itself in more detail. 

Ultima is an automated trading system created by Mislav Nikolic with support from ecs.SWAT creator Chris Svorcik. 

It’s a trending trading system and includes:

  1. Clever rules and filters
  2. Dynamic trade management based on new price swings
  3. A proprietary Fibonacci target tool for precise exits.

Back testing and live trading

The Ultima EA has been rigorously back tested and also includes multiple live trading accounts. One of those live accounts has a live track record for 1 year.

Back testing results EUR/USD 15min chart from 2017 to 2019:

Live trading track record from 2019 to 2020:

  1. EUR/USD 3% risk per setup: +348% profits
  2. EUR/USD 5% risk per setup with smaller account: +725% profits
  3. EUR/USD 5% risk per setup with larger account: +545% profits

Earn a Percentage of the Rental Fee 

Second of all, let’s explain the affiliate details.

We are now renting the EA with options for 6 months and 1 year:

  • We prefer longer rental periods because the EA performance should be evaluated after sufficient time and data. 
  • Most companies offer monthly subscription plans but traders cannot properly assess its success in this time frame. 
  • The advantage for the affiliate is that you will earn more immediately rather than waiting for a single payment each month.

Ultima EA has been offered since January 2020. The rental option has been offered since the start of March 2020. During January and February, we offered traders the chance to join the EA via a profit share module. 

We might switch gears again in the future (offer profit share but not rental) so it’s time to grab this chance. You can earn right now by recommending and promoting Ultima rental subscription to your audience or connections.

The earnings will increase when you find more clients and bring in more revenue:

  1. Generate less than eur 5,000: receive 15% of all rental payments
  2. Generate between eur 5,000 and 10,000: receive 25% of all rental payments
  3. Generate more than eur 10,000: receive 33% of all rental payments

The benefit with the rental payment is that you earn immediately. With the profit share module, affiliates would need to wait for the EA to have a profitable month. You do not need to wait for your earnings when offering the rental version (you can collect it automatically at the start of a new month).

How Does It Work and How to Join?

If you are excited by the Ultima EA’s performance, then this is a perfect opportunity for you. This is especially true if you have been trading Ultima EA yourself and made a good profit with the EA. You can extra income just by reaching out to other traders and acquaintances and explaining to them the value of Ultima EA. This EA sells itself because of its great results in back-testing and live trading.

But whether you are actually trading the EA or not, you can present the back testing and live track records from us. The Ultima EA is hot, so there is a fair chance that people will be interested in it.

There are 3 main steps to start:

Use a sign up form to receive an affiliate link and other marketing information

  • Create campaigns: 

Learn how to promote the brand by going through a partner’s area, we have banners and marketing copy for you to concentrate on sales.

  • Optimise: 

Let us know what works for you, as well, as what could help you improve the business.

Keep in mind that payments are done automatically on a monthly basis to your paypal account (for other payments methods, please contact our customer support). The payment is valid for the first payment of the subscription. 

Become an Ultima affiliate today and create a 2nd income stream 

Wish you good trading,

Mislav Nikolic, creator of Ultima EA
Chris Svorcik, creator of ecs.SWAT

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