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Dear traders,

Co-founder Chris Svorcik has completed his first ebook. The 500+ page guide discusses all the ins and outs of technical analysis. It includes parts on support & resistance, trend & momentum, and patterns. 

The full name of the ebook is: “360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.” The main emphasis is on practical methods (98%) with a bit of theory (2%). 

The guide also includes a full explanation of how to trade with moving averages and the SWAT method. The ebook is available at an affordable 24.95 euro. It is an addition to the recently released SWAT 2.0 course and method.

Learn How to Master Chart Analysis & Patterns

Prepare yourself for a ton of charts. The SWAT guide does not shy away from using images. In fact, about half of the entire ebook are images. There are also two huge case studies that discuss analysing the charts from A to Z. This ebook is very practical. 

The guide is also suitable for traders of all experience levels. It explains concepts from the very start and step by step. This makes it digestable for beginners. But it also provides in-depth analysis of complex issues, which makes it appealing for intermediate and advanced traders too. 

The SWAT guide offers a 360 degree view on charting and analysis. But it also discusses how to trade that analysis. The ebook also dives into classical SWAT tools like moving averages, Fibonacci, and Fractals.

Before we explain the guide division, we wanted to let you know that you can also try out the SWAT course 2.0 at an affordable 199 euro for 3 months. You will have unlimited access to the videos, course, indicators, and material for 3 months. If you wish to keep access to SWAT rental, you can do so at an affordable 99.50 euro per 6 months after that. 

The ebook is divided into 13 chapters for a total of 581 pages. The bolded chapters are considered to be the main parts of the ebook:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Our View on Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Price Action and the Path of Least Resistance
  • Chapter 4: Support & Resistance
  • Chapter 5: Patterns and Triangle of Analysis
  • Chapter 6: Making a Coherent Analysis
  • Chapter 7: SWAT Method and Moving Averages
  • Chapter 8: SWAT Method from A to Z
  • Chapter 9: Ultima: Automated Trading System
  • Chapter 10: Decision Zones and Triggers
  • Chapter 11: Deeper Market Thoughts
  • Chapter 12: Risk Management
  • Chapter 13: Trading Psychology

Order the SWAT guide 360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.

What is Explained in these Chapters?

The first step is to explain all 3 parts of the triangle of analysis. This includes 1) support & resistance, 2) trend & momentum, and 3) price patterns.

The ebook 360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure starts off with explaining how to read the price chart (chapter 3). This means we dive into:

  • Chart hierarchy
  • Candlesticks
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Price swings
  • Momentum & correction
  • Trend, range & reversals
  • Path of least resistance

Then we continue with dissecting Support & Resistance (S&R) in chapter 4:

  • Benefits of S&R
  • Tools & indicators
  • Trading at S&R
  • How to use S&R

Chapter 5 completes the triangle of analysis with price patterns. It reviews:

  • Chart patterns
  • Wave patterns
  • Divergences patterns
  • Time patterns
  • Fibonacci patterns

Chapter 6 is a very practical part. It combines the lessons from chapters 3, 4, and 5 on actual charts. It is a step-by-step implementation of technical analysis on the charts. It provides two full examples with a total of 43 pages.

Chapter 7 then changes gears after the basics of technical analysis were explained. We focus on SWAT specific tactics and indicators such:

  • Using moving averages (MA) to understand the chart
  • Key MA factors for analysing charts
  • The importance of the 21 ema zone
  • The importance of the 144 ema
  • Using MA’s for wave patterns

Then chapter 8 continues to build on the previous chapter. We will now dive into the SWAT method and explain how to trade based on MA’s, Fibonacci, and Fractals:

  • swat.CANDLES explained
  • swat.FRACTALS explained
  • ecs.WIZZ for zones and targets
  • Using the oscillators for wave patterns
  • Using the new SWAT indicators
  • ecs.SWAT strategies explained such as wave strategies, discretionary approaches and rules based systems
  • ecs.SWAT classic system is explained from A to Z
  • Trade management

Chapter 9 focuses on the Ultima EA, which was created by Mislav Nikolic and myself:

  • Live trading results
  • Back-testing results
  • Back-testing process explained
  • Short strategy explanation

How to trade based on decisions and triggers is fully explained in chapter 10:

  • Triangle of entries
  • Decision zones
  • Trigger and entry
  • Open spaces
  • Confirmation and invalidation
  • Breakout and bounces

The last 3 chapters are more theoretical as they dive into:

  • Fractal concept
  • Chaos Theory
  • Probability of trading and patterns
  • Risk management
  • Trading psychology

Order the SWAT guide 360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.

Who Will Benefit from the SWAT Guide?

If you are not sure whether the SWAT 2.0 course is for you, then this is a great way to learn more about SWAT at an affordable cost of 24,95 euro before committing to the entire method.

The SWAT guide will help all types of traders: long-term position traders, swing traders, intra-week traders, intra-day traders, and swing scalp traders. The SWAT guide is less valuable for pure scalpers.

The SWAT guide and method is especially useful for Elliott Wave traders, pattern traders, chart pattern traders, moving average, Fibonacci and Fractal traders. The guide is less useful for pure price action or S&R traders, who do not like to combine multiple techniques.

The guide is also suitable for traders of all experience levels. It explains concepts from the very start and step by step. This makes it digestable for beginners, valuable for intermediate traders, and offers an all-round overview for advanced traders.

Order the SWAT guide 360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.

What Will You Learn in the Ebook?

Trading is more complex than just knowing how to use a pinbar candlestick for instance. Traders often try to trade the price charts with just a few simple tools, but it is not enough information to really understand the price movements. 

Trading is like learning a language. The more words you know, the more you will be able to understand and communicate in that language. The charts are also communicating information to us traders with every single candle. It is up to traders to learn the charting language sufficiently. The ecs.SWAT approach helps traders reach that goal.

Pinbars are a useful piece of information but will rarely bring success on its own. This is not enough information to gain an in-depth understanding of the market structure and price charts. Trading is not that easy. 

To truly understand the price charts, you need to know that the financial markets move in price swings, chart patterns, and waves, which is like the DNA of a chart and happens on all time frames and financial instruments. 

These price patterns are the most important aspect of trading. Even more important than support and resistance (S&R), because traders can based on price patterns make an estimate what price will do at S&R. What do we mean with an estimate?

By analysing price swing, chart patterns, and wave patterns, traders can understand, analyse, and estimate the price charts and use it like a road map for price. Within that road map, price will find a path of least resistance. Traders can analyse what the future path of least resistance will be and estimate their trade ideas within that likely price path. How can you measure the road map and price path?

Moving averages. They are a delightful tool and the best indicator for understanding the price charts in a simple and deep way at the same time. With moving averages, traders can estimate price swings, chart patterns, and wave patterns in a more precise and quicker way. Together with Fractals, Fibonacci, and other proprietary tools and indicators, we built the ecs.SWAT method that shows traders the expected price path in a simple way.

The ecs.SWAT method stands for Simple Wave Analysis and Trading. But it is more than just waves, it’s about understanding the charts and the expected price path. Most traders struggle to recognize a price swing, a wave, and the bigger price movements. 

The ecs.SWAT book is most focused on practical solutions (98%). We show traders a systematic way of identifying one price swing. We explain how to identify impulsive and corrective price swings, how to spot chart patterns, the trend direction, and S&R. But we also show some theory (2%) as well where we explain how patterns repeat throughout time, with all instruments, and on all time frames because the market is fractal in nature. Candles and price swings are like pieces of Lego as they build up to something larger. 

Simply said, we show traders how to recognise patterns and trade them. More importantly, we explain how moving averages and our SWAT tools and SWAT strategies help simplify both the process of identifying patterns and trading them. With a simple yet deep way of doing technical analysis based on our SWAT methods, traders can make an educated assumption about direction and likely trades. 

Order the SWAT guide 360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.


Once again, this almost 600 page e-guide focuses on understanding technical analysis and price charts in general. The guide reviews all of the key concepts from A to Z such as support & resistance, price patterns, and trend & momentum. The main focus is on the Forex market, but the ideas could apply to most price charts. We believe that traders with various experience levels – from beginners to intermediate to more experienced – are able to benefit from the guide.

The ecs.SWAT guide explains how traders can analyse and understand price movements with more context and in a quicker way. It discusses both manual trading via Chris Svorcik’s SWAT methods and automated trading via Mislav Nikolic and co-creator Chris Svorcik’s Ultima EA.

We hope that the ecs.SWAT book gives you as much joy as I had when writing it. Above all, we hope that the material here makes the reader a better chart analyst and a better trader. Even if the materials help improve your skills with 10%, it is already a success. But secretly, I hope that you gain much more out of the ecs.SWAT book. There is certainly a wealth of information to be discovered in this SWAT book so I hope that you embark on a life-time trading journey with ecs.SWAT in hand.

Order the SWAT guide 360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik, ecs.SWAT creator

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