Receive SWAT 2.0 Sponsorship from KTM Broker (at no cost)

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Dear traders,

The ecs.SWAT method had a fantastic trading week after collecting more than 2,000 pips. There are dozens of wins on the EUR/USD, GU, EJ, EUR/AUD, and GBP/AUD.

The good news is that the SWAT 2.0 course is now available for free and no costs (!). Our trusted partner broker KTM is offering a sponsorship for all ECS traders.

This article explains how you can join KTM and you can become a SWAT member right now.

Receive SWAT via Free Sponsorship from KTM

Trusted broker partner Key-to-Markets (KTM) wants to help traders with solid education and robust trading methods. This is why they are offering a free sponsorship to all traders who sign-up with KTM via Elite CurrenSea.

Here are the exact steps for receiving SWAT 2.0:

  1. Open up a manual trading account with KTM via the link from ECS
  2. Verify and fund your new KTM account
  3. Open up 1 trade with your new KTM account
  4. Write us an email at that you have fulfilled the first 3 criteria

What Will You Receive from SWAT 2.0?

Everything. You will receive the exact same course as a self paid member.

SWAT members will gain access to:

  • 74 course videos.
  • Total recording time of 22+ hours.
  • Full explanation of entries, exits, and trade management.
  • Access to 6 PDFs with a summary of all the videos in writing.
  • Checklist for trade setups.
  • All SWAT indicators and templates for the MT4 platform.

There are different types of systems:

  • Rules based strategies 
    • SWAT Basic
    • SWAT Classic
    • SWAT Pro
  • Wave strategies
    • Trend 1
    • Trend 2
    • Trend 3
    • Reversal 1
    • Reversal 2

SWAT 2.0 keeps using some of the classic indicators that were visible in 1.0 too, such as:

  1. Moving averages 
    • 21 ema zone
    • 144 ema close
    • 233 & 610 ema close
  2. Fibonacci
  3. swat.FRACTALS
  4. ecs.WIZZ
  5. swat.CANDLES
  6. swat.ARROWS
  7. HMA 20
  8. Awesome oscillator

But there are also some new and exciting indicators that have been added:

  1. ecs.MACD
  2. swat.PULLBACK
  3. swat.CS-DOTS
  4. swat.IMPULSE
  5. swat.OSCILLATOR
  6. swat.CANDLES-MTF
  7. swat.FRACTALS-MTF
  8. swat.STRENGTH

Keep in mind that not all the indicators are always used. This depends on the system in question. Each system will use a different combination of indicators. Some of the indicators are never used as part of a system, but have been added for discretionary analysis.

Become a SWAT member now via KTM Sponsorship!

Why Key-to-Markets? An Excellent Broker

Key-to-Markets (KTM) is one of the few brokers that receive a very high rating on FPA. KTM scores an average 4.259 out of 5 stars (as of 4 June 2020).

KTM’s score of 4.3 stars is very high compared to other brokers, who usually have ratings between 1.5 and 3 stars. KTM certainly stands out.

Elite CurrenSea made a review on KTM earlier this year and we are happy to cooperate with this reliable broker. KTM was also chosen as our partner broker for the Ultima EA. The profit share module will continue again from mid June.

KTM is regulated by multiple high profile jurisdictions (FCA, DMCC & FSC). It signifies accountability at providing a regulated access to financial markets. KTM International is headquartered in London.

Read our full review on KTM for more information and details about this broker.

Become a SWAT member now via KTM Sponsorship!

Trade Examples from SWAT?

We had some great examples from June 2020.

Our Classic and Pro setups did a wonderful job in collecting pips. Large wins were recorded on the EUR/USD longs (+1000 pips), GBP/USD longs, EUR/JPY longs, EUR/AUD shorts, and GBP/AUD shorts.

The SWAT Pro method offered 7 (!) different entries for trading long setups on the EUR/USD towards the main target at 1.1250. The green boxes indicate market orders and the green lines show pending orders based on the SWAT rules in the new 2.0 course. The 7 trade setups collected anywhere from +90 to +170 pips per trade for a total close to 1,000 pips.

SWAT Classic method also had one setup that closed for a great win. The swing trade from 1.0958 eventually reached the Wizz target at 1.1250 for a total of 292 pips. Although traders also had the option of closing the win at Wizz 7 and 1.11 for 142 pips.

Become a SWAT member now via KTM Sponsorship!

Other Winning Setups

The GBP/USD offered 3 setups for buys for +480 pips in total, EUR/JPY breakout trade (purple box) for +100, EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD had good continuation swing setups too for a max total of +580 pips.

Become a SWAT 2.0 Member for Free

Curious about trading SWAT too? Become an ecs.SWAT member now!

Receive a sponsorship from KTM broker if you open, verify, fund and trade your KTM account. Keep in mind that you need to open the account via the link from Elite CurrenSea. 

Become a SWAT member now via KTM Sponsorship!

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik, ecs.SWAT creator

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