New Zeus EA Offers 200%+ in Live Trading

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Dear traders,

Elite CurrenSea is launching a new and 100% fully automated trading system. The expert advisor, called Zeus EA, offers a high win rate, decent profitability, and a medium draw-down. 

Zeus expert advisor (EA) will already be available from July 2020 onward. Make sure to join the live webinar on Tuesday 13 July 2020 to get a full overview of its performance. 

The article will explain more about the Zeus EA, the performance statistics, the strategy itself, and how it compares to other trading systems such as SWAT, CAMMACD, and Ultima EA.

Zeus EA Live Performance Trading Record

Elite CurrenSea has created the Zeus EA together with its strategy partner Trade Like a God. The EA has been traded with a live account for more than one full year (!). 

Performance stats – account 1 from June 2019 (as of 30 June 2020):

  • Performance: +204% profit
  • Win rate: 75%
  • Reward to risk ratio: 0.65:1
  • Draw-down: 46%
  • Profit factor: 2+

Performance stats – account 2 from April 2020 (as of 30 June 2020):

  • Performance: +95% profit
  • Win rate: 72%
  • Reward to risk ratio: 0.6:1
  • Draw-down: 13%
  • Profit factor: 1.5+

Traders can follow the Zeus EA performance via two myfxbook links:

The Zeus EA manages to earn a very decent profit (+95 to +205%) while keeping the draw-down at a moderate level (13% to 46%). The profit versus draw-down ratio exceeds a factor of 4-7x.

Keep in mind that Forex trading is not only about maximizing your gains, but also about reducing your risk and exposure. Let’s compare the Zeus performance with a hypothetical example: 

  • The Zeus EA made 95% or 204% with 13% or 46% draw-down for ratios of 7:1 & 4.5:1.
  • Let’s compare it to a hypothetical system that earns +240% but with a much higher draw-down like 80% for a ratio of 3:1.
  • Although the 2nd system earns a bit more, it is accompanied with way higher levels of draw-down. 
  • Most investors should prefer the statistics of Zeus EA because of the sizable gains (+95% to +204%) and acceptable draw-down levels (13% to 46%).

As some of our followers know, this is the 3rd EA that Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is offering in the Forex market: 

  1. The first one was cammacd.LOA EA from Nenad Kerkez at ECS (it’s been removed at the end of 2019 but we expect it to return in Aug or Sep 2020 (!)
  2. Followed by the successful Ultima EA from our partner Mislav Nikolic.
  3. And now thirdly the Zeus EA from both ECS and our partner Trade like a God.

Zeus EA Strategy Explained

The Zeus EA is based on mathematical formulas for entering and exiting. It is not a strategy that relies on the art and science of technical analysis. 

That said, the Zeus EA does use one technical indicator within its trading system: the RSI (relative strength index). It is used for understanding where the chart could expect a U-turn.

The EA makes a calculation when to open the next trade and automatically moves the profit in order to close the entire series of traders in positive territory. The strategy does not use a stop loss, which is an unusual style for us at ECS, but rather works with market exits that are based on math. Therefore, the risk is not calculated in the usual way either, but rather based on lot sizes and leverage calculations. The results speak for themselves. 

Zeus EA only trades the EUR/USD currency pair on the 5 minute chart. The EA works on other pairs too, but we recommend using the EUR/USD only. The main reason is because the currency pair passed all of the tests and checks. Everything worked well.

The system is an intraday scalping approach on the 5 minute chart on the EUR/USD.

Learn How to Start with Zeus EA

You can either rent the EA or join at no upfront fees or costs via the profit share module.

Rental options:

Explorer – 89 per month

  • VPS? – 1 month
  • Preferred Equity Size: €2,500
  • Expected Monthly ROI: €150 – €200
  • MT4 Credentials Sharing: required
  • Sum of Supported EA Accounts: 1

Builder – 299 per year

  • VPS? – 12 months
  • Preferred Equity Size: €2,500
  • Expected Annual ROI: €1,500 – €2,500
  • MT4 Credentials Sharing: required
  • Sum of Supported EA Accounts: 1

Conqueror – 699 per year

  • VPS? – 14 months
  • Preferred Equity Size: €7,500 (3×2,500)
  • Expected Annual ROI: €4,500 – €7,500/account
  • MT4 Credentials Sharing: required
  • Sum of Supported EA Accounts: 3+

Zeus EA profit share module

  • No upfront fees or costs
  • Pay only when your account makes a profit using high water mark module (account must make a new high)
  • Calculated per month
  • Profit share percentage of profit that goes to Elite CurrenSea:
    • €15,000 or lower → 30%
    • €15,000-€20,000 → 25%
    • €20,000-€100,000 → 20%
    • €100,000 + → custom

What’s next?

Learn more about Zeus EA first.

Start with Zeus EA immediately (choose one of the two checkout options).

Please keep in mind: the EA is not available via the profit share model like with Ultima EA.Currently, the EA is only available via the MT4 platform.

Comparing Zeus EA to other Systems

The equity curve of Zeus EA is not so volatile. It offers traders a more or less even path upwards. The Zeus EA is characterized by a slow yet steady account growth. 

Traders should not expect massive leaps ahead but on the flip side, the EA remains constant month in and day out. 

What’s better for you? In our view, building a portfolio in your trading approach is the best way to go. How much a trader places on each automated or manual system will highly depend on the availability of their time and their risk appetite.

Join the Zeus EA Webinar

There will be a live webinar on Tuesday 13 July 2020 at 5pm CEST – 3pm GMT. 

We welcome everyone to join the live event to learn more about Zeus EA and its advantages. You will receive a full overview of the performance and statistics. Plus you will be able to ask all of the questions to our team.

Join or Sign-up for the Live Webinar Here.

Ps. a recording will be available via our ECS YouTube channel.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea

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