? Last Warning: Ultima EA Not Available after 17 February 2020 (!) ?

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Dear traders,

the Ultima EA has been on fire. The system gained +123.22% return in the first 4 weeks of trading. 

It has made 24 wins out of 28 trades with a 86% win rate. All traders who started trading in January made massive profits.

The bad news is that the Ultima EA will not be available soon:

  1. The deadline is Monday 17 February, 2020.
  2. Register an account with our supported broker on/before this day.
  3. Join with no upfront costs or fees and a fair profit sharing module. 

Hurry up, there are only 5 (!) days remaining before we close the Ultima doors…

Not Sure Whether to Join our Supported Broker?

If you are unsure about joining a new broker, then we can confirm that the trades are working well with good execution. If you remain unsure, then we can recommend starting with a small account first. You can always add capital later on after you have tested the broker yourself:

  • You can check how well the entries and exits work.
  • You can check the speed of your account withdrawal. 
  • You can verify the trading costs.

Although some traders had a slow start with our supported broker, FXDD, most traders are now very happy with the execution of the trades and the results too.

The major benefit is that we are in close contact with FXDD so if you need any assistance, we can help out. Please reach out to us if needed.

What is the Deadline to Join?

The main thing is that you need to register for an account on/before the deadline of Monday 17 February, 2020.

  1. Register an account with our supported broker on/before Monday 17 February, 2020.
  2. Make a deposit before Tuesday 3 March, 2020.

Opened an Account But Without Deposit?

To start trading, you also need to fund the account. 

  1. Always trade with risk capital that you can afford to lose.
  2. If you fund your account with at least $100 before Tuesday 3 March, 2020, you can join with no upfront costs or fees and a fair profit sharing module.

    P.S. We recommend at least $200-$500 due to risk management aspects. 

How Were the Results So Far?

The Ultima EA account doubled in the past 2 weeks. This account is only running for 4+ weeks now but is now showing +123.22% (using 5% risk per setup).

The most interesting aspect is the return versus drawdown ratio. A whopping +123.22% gains versus a minor 4.28% drawdown. 

We are also trading Ultima EA on an account that has a longer track record than 4 weeks. This Elite CurrenSea account is trading with 3% risk per setup, not 5%. The long-term account with $10,000 has also made a huge jump and is now worth $36,392

My own personal account is doing great too with a gain of +324.4% since the beginning of August in just 6 months. This account has made me personally EUR 17,427. I’m happy!

You can see the win streak provided a nice daily statement this week.

Other Ultima Traders Are Stunned

Many Ultima EA traders reached out to us in astonishment and in unbelief. One trader was stunned after he started with a gain of almost +150% in just 2 weeks. 

Other traders wrote us long messages expressing their joy:

Hi! ?️Another great day for Ultima! I am very excited ? it already doubled my account. It’s unbelievable!? i struggled with forex as a full time trader for so many months but psychology was my weakness. This is a solution. Thank you! Michal K.

A second trader had similar positive words prepared:

“Dear All at Elite, I have spent the last two days wondering how Ultima would handle the expected loss. To say I’m impressed, would be a serious understatement. I was fascinated by the trades that were made in the last forty eight hours. I appreciate its only early days but, whoever developed this is a genius. Congratulations to all of you. Yours, John H.

Your Next Step?

Are you also interested in catching 100% account gains

Why not become an Ultima member!

  1. No account yet?
    You can join with no upfront costs and a fair profit share module until 17 February 2020. This will close after 18 February 2020.
  2. Account is ready but no deposits?
    Are you already a member but without a deposit, then you can join by simply funding your account before 3 March 2020.

Join the Ultima system that doubled our accounts in just 4 weeks

And grab those pips!

Many green pips,
Chris Svorcik

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