ECS Launches Free Channel, Offers 1Y Option, and SWAT 2.0

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Dear traders,

Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is preparing itself for a dynamic 2020. Many new ideas have been waiting in the pipeline since 2019. Now it’s time to implement them and improve our service for the ECS community.

This article reviews the new telegram channel (ecs.FOREX), the updated and revamped SWAT course (2.0), and a new and cheaper way of staying an ECS member for 1 full year.

ecs.FOREX: Dynamic and Free Telegram Channel

The ecs.LIVE channel has already been active for 2.5 years. This is our premium service, which offers live trading ideas, real-time trade management, and live webinars. All of the communication is done via the dedicated Telegram channel. 

However, some traders are simply looking to stay connected with ECS or might want to try out our free version first, before committing to ecs.LIVE.

This is why Elite CurrenSea has started a free Telegram channel called ecs.FOREX. Its goal is to deliver:

  • 5 premium trading setups per week
  • Live and latest analysis
  • ECS updates and news
  • Newest market research
  • Direct info from ECS team
  • Early bird access to the newest products

The goal is to provide traders with more insight about ECS. You will be able to stay connected without having to check social media, their email, or YouTube. 

Users can join for free and share the link with anybody they want.

ECS will also offer other free channels in the future, such as a free options channel based on our upcoming options course.

ecs.LIVE Now Offers 1 Year Membership

Elite CurrenSea will also be offering a longer membership period. Currently 6 months was the maximum. ECS will remove the 6 month package and only offer 1 year from now.

Nenad Kerkez explained why: “We want traders to learn with a long-term approach. In our view, 6 months is really too short to pick up all of the needed details. That is why we are now offering a 1 year package with a larger discount”.

The 1 year package is now available for 899 euro. Plus we offer 2 months extra if you order the yearly package so you receive a total of 14 months (not 12).

This brings the monthly price down to 64.21 euro (paid per year), which is a 41% discount. 

SWAT 2.0 Expected Mid April

The current ecs.SWAT members have been waiting for more than 6 months, but finally the second and updated SWAT course will soon be ready and available. The expected launch date is Monday 20 April, 2020.

SWAT 2.0 offers multiple upgrades compared to the first SWAT course:

  • 70+ videos
  • 22+ hours of recording
  • A to Z logic and structure of the course
  • New SWAT systems such as:
    • SWAT Classic
    • SWAT Pro
  • New SWAT indicators
  • Clear division between education and systems
  • SWAT book
  • SWAT PDF guides
  • Check list

Current SWAT members will be informed via their email once SWAT 2.0 has been uploaded to the members area. If you are not yet a member, join ecs.SWAT now and receive the SWAT book, 3 extra months to ecs.LIVE, and access to the Ultima EA. All you need to do is become a SWAT member in April or May 2020!

Wish you good trading,
ECS team

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