ECS 2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter: SWAT, Options & Ultima EA Profit Share

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Dear traders,

The Elite CurrenSea website has never been so busy. And times have never been that exciting. New courses, the Ultima EA, and expanding into Options trading have been some of the highlights in 2019-20.

You might be wondering what’s our next goal and project? We plan to create a quarterly newsletter that informs you about our results, plans, and ideas. 

That way you can stay in touch with the newest trends, even if you miss some of daily and weekly articles.

Learn What to Expect in June 2020?!

Although the 2nd quarter of 2020 is almost finished, we have a few last minute surprises for our ECS followers that will be available in June 2020. Here is a full overview of what to expect:

  • Join Options trading course for beginners with Marco Doni at 899 euro (one time).
    • The options course explains the basics of trading options but also explains two specific strategies. It can also be used in combination with classical stock trading. A 1 month access to example signals in a private telegram channel is also included, plus free access to the Ultima EA profit share module.
    • There were 3x Options quiz winners who guessed the price of Oil the best. They will all 3 get the Options beginners course for free with a total value of 2,670 euro.
    • Check out the introduction webinar to Options with Marco Doni and Chris Svorcik to know more about the value and simplicity of Options trading.
  • Receive SWAT 2.0 course, system and indicators for free via KTM broker sponsorship.
    • The newest SWAT is now available at no cost to you if you open, verify, fund and trade your KTM account via ECS.
    • Try to learn from SWAT via our free guides and affordable ebook at 24,95 euro.
      • Are you curious about understanding price and wave patterns but not sure if you want to commit to buying SWAT? We recently released many new & free guides and a 580 page ebook that shares a lot of practical education on understanding the charts.
  • Prepare to trade Ultima EA with no upfront costs and fees from mid June 2020.
    • The Ultima EA has been only available via a rental fee from mid February 2020. But from mid June 2020, we are closing down the rental offer and re-opening the profit share module again. Keep an eye on our blog for more details coming soon! 
    • Join us in the meantime for the Ultima EA webinar series starting on Tuesday June 16.
    • Read why the Ultima EA avoids tight trail stop losses.

Don’t Miss Out on the Most Valuable from 2019-2020!?

The last 2 years have been extremely dynamic at Elite CurrenSea. Let’s review all of the key trends.

Nenad Kerkez managed to reach a $100k target with just $10k in less than 15 months of live manual trading. He used his ecs.CAMMACD method for achieving this goal and of course, shared all of his setups in ecs.LIVE on a daily basis. Nenad also made an overhaul of the CAMMACD course in 2019 and is regularly adding new systems to the method. The ecsLIVE also has a brand new educational course with 20+ videos that were added in 2019.

The Ultima EA, an automated trading system created by Mislav Nikolic and co-creator Chris Svorcik, completed its first year of live trading after starting in June 2019. Their accounts are up +600%, +1,000%, and +1,100% (as of 8 June 2020). 

The ecs.SWAT module has been fully revised over the past year. The new 2.0 course was completed in May 2020 with a total of 22 hours of recording and 74 videos. The new method includes 3 approaches, 10 systems, and 20+ indicators. The SWAT module includes a 580 page ebook

In October 2019 Elite CurrenSea also developed a new website with new branding and design. The new look and feel was also accompanied with a faster site speed and more user friendly technology. 

Elite CurrenSea is always looking for affiliates and partners. If you think that can create interest by promoting our website in a different language or if you want to promote ECS, Ultima EA, seminars, webinars, LIVE, SWAT, CAMMACD in specific parts of the globe, then feel free to reach out and earn.

Last but not least, keep an eye on our newest guides, tools, and indicators for useful resources and upgrades. Our tip includes ecsWIZZ tool and sponsorship from our trusted brokers. 

Thanks and good trading,
Chris Svorcik
Mislav Nikolic
Nenad Kerkez

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