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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

Last week was an absolute blast. We are continuing with success carried by the backwind of heightened volatility in the Forex markets. 

The week behind us made us huge profits, but we won’t be relaxed. On the contrary, trading during volatility needs to be very focused and precise. 

Live Account: 14 Wins from 17 Trades

Last week gained a total of 305 pips with a total of 14 wins and only 3 losses (!). Losses mostly happened during bigger than expected retracements, but were quickly covered by our accurate trading method and genuine risk approach. 

See the screenshot and the link to myfxbook Live Account (Verified). The profits have been withdrawn as you can clearly see on the screenshot below. 

There were so many trades, most of them on the GBP/USD. The trade of the week was the AUD/NZD which had a huge spike to the long side during the afternoon trading.

Source: MyFXBook

You can get both the setups and system that generates them at our website.

Follow the Rules

Working in the Forex industry has been the best investment I ever made. It is a life-changer. I went from feeling like a complete newbie, to being able to create a very successful trading career and methods along with one of a kind Forex trading success.  

Trading is an activity that requires a certain amount of time and effort. Losses are just another part of this activity and you can certainly minimise the risks and limit your losses. 

This is why I have always insisted on the proper risk and trade management. Keep this mind, especially when you’re making big trades.  This is why we use the predefined set of rules on our Telegram channel which you need to follow religiously.

I expect this volatility to carry over to the whole 2020, so bring your friends, families and partners to trade together with us. 

This is the best business during the crisis period. Enjoy trading from your home and don’t be depressed due to the quarantine.

Cheers and safe trading,

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