2,000 Pips Profit with SWAT Trade Setups 1-5 June

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Dear traders,

Are you curious how the trade setups work with the ecs.SWAT method 2.0? 

Our Classic and Pro setups did a wonderful job in collecting pips. Large wins were recorded on the EUR/USD longs (+1000 pips), GBP/USD longs, EUR/JPY longs, EUR/AUD shorts, and GBP/AUD shorts.

This article explains these trades in more detail and how the SWAT method can help your trading. We will also explain how you can get the entire SWAT 2.0 course for free if you join our partner broker KTM (!).

EUR/USD Collects 1,000 Pips in 8 Wins

The SWAT Pro method offered 7 (!) different entries for trading long setups towards the main target at 1.1250. The green boxes indicate market orders and the green lines show pending orders based on the SWAT rules in the new 2.0 course. The 7 trade setups collected anywhere from +90 to +170 pips per trade for a total close to 1,000 pips.

SWAT Classic method also had one setup that closed for a great win. The swing trade from 1.0958 eventually reached the Wizz target at 1.1250 for a total of 292 pips. Although traders also had the option of closing the win at Wizz 7 and 1.11 for 142 pips.

GBP/USD 3 Winning Trades

The GBP/USD offered 3 setups for buys. There were 2 potential market orders and 1 pending order. All 3 trades hit the target at Wizz 7 around 1.25  The total gains closed for a total of about +480 pips.

EUR/JPY Breakout Trade Hits Target

The EUR/JPY breakout trade (purple box) I mentioned my analysis on Tuesday and Wednesday worked out nicely. The break above 120 indeed moved towards the 121 target zone swiftly. In fact, the price even extended the gains towards 122.50.

EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD Bearish Breakout

The EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD had good continuation swing setups too. In both cases, the downtrend showed a full bearish alignment of the moving averages. The EUR/AUD either closed at +160 or +390 pips win, depending on the chosen Wizz target. The GBP/AUD collected a cool +190 pips.

Become a SWAT 2.0 Member for Free

Curious about trading SWAT too? 

Become an ecs.SWAT member now!

  1. Either become a member by paying the 473 euro subscription fee.
  2. Or receive a sponsorship from KTM broker if you open, verify, fund and trade your KTM account. Keep in mind that you need to open the account via the link from Elite CurrenSea. 

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik, ecs.SWAT creator

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