Trading Journal: Small Loss Thanks to End of the Month Profit Taking

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Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

this week has been tricky due to Friday. And Friday only. The total result for ecs.LIVE service for the last week was 15 trades with 10 wins and 5 losses adding up to a total of -4 pips. 

Let’s review last week’s stats and the trade of the week.

10 Wins & 5 Losses with the Total -4 Pips

The trading week was developing well until Friday came along. Friday’s profit taking coupled with month’s end profit taking created some losses. The total of the week therefore closed at -4 pips and -0.68 % ROI. 

Fortunately, the loss was minor (less than 1%). But still, it is a pity to lose the +2.37 % gains that we had before Friday. 

A new rule is going to be applied from now on: only a maximum of 1 trade on each last Friday in the month. 

Here is the total summary of our result per month.

Due to the specific risk portfolio of each trader, I urge you to take a look at our SpreadSheet where I have been thoroughly writing down each trade I send in the Telegram channel.

Trade Summary

1Apr 26GBP/JPYShort1500.50Win26
2Apr 26GBP/JPYLong149.850.50Loss-75
3Apr 26AUD/USDShort0.7790.50Win20
4Apr 26NZD/USDShort0.7220.50Win18
5Apr 27GOLDShort17820.50Win40
6Apr 27AUD/JPYLong84.30.50Loss-55
7Apr 27AUD/USDLong0.77920.50Win22
8Apr 27EUR/USDLong1.20550.50Win25
9Apr 28GBP/USDLong1.3870.50Win14
10Apr 28GBP/NZDLong1.9220.30Win8
11Apr 28GBP/USDLong1.3870.30Win35
12Apr 29GBP/USDShort1.3960.50Win22
13Apr 29EUR/USDShort1.21151.00Loss-35
14Apr 30GBP/USDLong1.3910.50Loss-33
15Apr 30GBP/USDLong1.39161.50Loss-36

Trade of the Week: GOLD

Gold was again one of the best trades of the week. I have chosen GOLD due to its consistency in making profits and again the highest pip count in the last week.

The risk was 0.5 % on this trade:

To get a much deeper understanding of the Black Widow please read this article. You can get both the live trading setups and CAMMACD system that generates them via our website.

Cheers and safe trading,

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