? 10 Wins 3 Losses With CAMMACD Setups ?

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Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez

Head of Trading

Dear Traders, 

The ecs.CAMMACD account has finished live testing of new CAMMACD module despite the extremely slow market. A total of 14 setups were closed in just 5 trading days using the ecs.SWAT and ecs.CAMMACD trading methods. 

The ecs.CAMMACD approach scored 10 wins and 3 losses for almost 200 pips whereas ecs.SWAT captured a huge win on the GBP/USD for +70 pips.

CAMMACD Trade of the Week: All cammacd.SCA Setups

The trade of the week was the Gold trade as it officially scored 80 pips. We scaled in when the price dropped and managed to secure even more pips.

ecs.CAMMACD template in action

cammacd.SCA Will be Rebranded to cammacd.SIT

The ecs.CAMMACD system has introduced trading on 15 m timeframe in the unique form of scalping and intraday trading. As we don’t deal only with scalps, we decided to rename it to cammacd.SIT (Scalp and Intraday). 

We usually captured more than 15 pips even in these slow market conditions. Often we are able to capture 40 and 50 pips on markets which are more volatile such as GOLD. I am very happy to announce that the video will be recorded soon and that results should be even better when markets get volatility back.

ecs.CAMMACD.SCA template in action

Good trading,
Nenad and Chris and the entire ECS team
Elite CurrenSea

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