Why Trading with Camarilla Improves My Performance

2 min read

The Camarilla indicator is the best indicator on the planet because:

• It is multi-functional
• It provides clear entry and exit points
• It adds confluence to my charts
• It helps with seeing the trend
• It identifies support and resistance
• It spots triggers

There is no way any other tool or indicator can beat this!

Why is my Trading Simple with Camarilla?

If you think about it, it is actually amazing and unique what 1 indicator on the charts can do… I do not need 2 indicators for trend, 3 for filters, 5 for confluence and 4 extra tools for intra-day trading. It just helps keep my charts clean and visible… Nor do I need complicated analysis or trading plans.

On the contrary: simplicity rules my system.

Camarilla allows me to spot the intra-day zones and realize what the critical price levels are. Many of the big traders and banks use the Camarilla because of its superior information. That is why I know exactly what is happening on an intra-day and intra-week level – whereas most traders are just confused and lost in the ‘noise’.

Camarilla removes that confusion (‘noise’) and offers a clear signal.

With Camarilla, my approach is clear, consistent and duplicable – all thanks to a very simple template with my own strategy rules.

I recommend the Camarilla indicator for every type of trader – regardless of style, time frame, approach or system you are using now.

Many green pips,
Tarantula FX