The most Reliable and Profitable Forex Indicators

2 min read

Which indicators are the best, most reliable and most profitable?

First of all, no indicator or tool is perfect! They all have their faults and mistakes and we should never try to find the perfect one – also known as searching for the “Holy Grail”.

Second of all, we must know how to use the tool and indicator before we can expect to make profit with it.

But we these 2 warnings set aside, the absolute best indicators are:
1) Camarilla Pivot Indicator: no indicator has the same accuracy for intra-day purposes. The Camarilla levels divide the charts into clear buy, sell, bounce and break zones and offer a ton of trade setups throughout the trading day.

2) MACD: the divergence tool helps with spotting false breakouts, reversals and sustainable breaks and is a true friend for the Forex trader.

3) Fibonacci: an additional confluence can be needed before an entry or exit becomes clear. The Fibonacci tool offers an excellent method for both the entry and exit – not many tools can do that.

All Forex traders have spent a ton of time trying to find the best indicator and the best configuration for each tool. Now the quest can stop!

Going from 1 indicator to another will not make your or anyone a profitable FX trader. Far from it! You must pick the best indicators and learn how to use them. That is the true path to consistent profitable trading.

Follow my course and webinars to understand how I use these indicators.

Wishing you many green pips, Tarantula FX