Starting with Forex: The Practice Mode

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Practice in Forex trading should never be underestimated especially by beginners. Luckily for traders who are starting off in FX trading, most of the FX brokers offer The Practice Mode or demo accounts to their clients. When it comes to trading, there are some things that only regular and diligent practicing can teach one. Like Chris Bradford says, tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice. This is especially true when you are readying yourself for live trading.

Getting started in Forex trading

Almost every other online broker supports MetaTrader. Some also offer their very own proprietary electronic dealing platforms where traders can access web based dealing interfaces. A trader gets to do a quick review of the currency market and at times even perform some technical analysis. Many brokers will go ahead and allow the trader to access trading essentials such as deal execution and order entry for the several currency pairs they deal with.

Online brokers offer free practice account to potential and even existing clients. These accounts are generally referred to as demo accounts and are designed to allow a trader garner some hands-on experience on how it feels like to trade in real FX market. Such accounts come with no charge and without any risk to the trader. The brokers often fund the demo accounts with virtual currency generously.

Why is practicing important in FX?

In Forex trading, every trader makes his or her own mistakes. No two traders or trades are exactly the alike. In Forex trading, many traders have come to learn and appreciate that very little capital offers very low usable margins. This makes it extremely difficult to trade with very little capital. That is why you will need to get Forex no deposit bonuses here and trade risk-free on a live account, this allows you to hone your trading skills.

With the practice or demo account which most brokers offer, a trader is able to painstakingly build a small account without exposing their capital to unnecessary risks. They do this while at the same time learning the market so that by the time their capital is reasonably high, they will have mastered entry and exit strategies. Practicing is critical in that it helps you understand how the market works. It also helps you come up with a methodology for trading while carefully building a capital base.

Advantages of using a demo account

  • There is no risk of losing real money when trading. Novices get a chance to make first-time mistakes and learning from them.
  • A trader learns good money management techniques.
  • It is easy to put emotions at bay while trading using the Practice Mode account. This allows the trader to learn how to manage their emotions and increase their chance of success when they enter the real money market.
  • This account allows you to understand and even establish whether you like trading in currencies. If not interested, at least you won’t have spent any money.
  • A good time for a trader to practice new strategy without the risk of losing money. A demo account can, therefore, be a good thing for a novice and a seasoned trader.
  • A demo account can give you an insightful experience about a broker. You get to learn about the efficiency of the support team.


While practice will definitely help you become a better trader, in order to become an accomplished trader, you must learn how other traders think and operate. Practice Mode account will not help you deal with emotions when you start real money trading. In a real account, a trader must learn and master a way which they can handle their emotions.

While practice will help you develop strategies, recognize patterns, it is imperative that you work hard on how to handle emotions when it comes to real trading. But one thing is certain, a trader who has tried out a demo account will learn how to avoid making some basic mistakes when they start trading with real money.


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