Next Generation Trading with AccuMM Dashboard and Alerts

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Dear Trader,

The ACCU and SWAT dashboard and alert system are working like a charm!

Why is that?

… we can simply rely on the dashboard and alert system to warn us of upcoming setups for our ecs.SWAT and ecs.CAMMACD systems instead of scanning the charts ourselves,

Great, but can I trade it??

It will be much easier for other traders to understand the market and trend now that we have this dashboard and alert system.

Yes, I want ecs.SWAT sytem with all those extra benefits.

Yes, I want ecs.CAMMACD sytem with all those extra benefits.

If you are not sure as yet, then please allow us to explain more details…..

Accu Dashboard

The Accu Dashboard offers a summary of the currency pairs and financial instruments of your choice…

… It shows exactly which time frames are bearish, bullish or retracing.

… Traders can then easily identify which pairs are trending and which charts are close to an entry.

Accu Alerts

The alerts provide:

… a warning when the setup is nearly ready to enter.

The warning is sent a bit earlier prior to the entry so traders have time to open MT4, check the charts and look for filters before entering.

The beauty of our system:

… the alerts make sure that all Accu MM traders do not need to miss any setup.

The alerts are available via email, smart phones, MT4 pop ups and sounds.

Yes, give me Accu dashboard, alerts and CAMMACD NOW!

Good trading,

Nenad and Chris


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