Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula FX Wins FXStreet Award

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Dear Traders,

It is my honour to announce that Nenad Kerkez, aka Tarantula FX, has won a ….

FXStreet award! 

The award is a recognition for a life-time of dedication to mastering the markets and passing his knowledge on to other traders.

Congratulations to Nenad for a job excellently done!! The trading and Forex community were truly excited by his work and rewarded Nenad with tons of votes.

Here are the official results:

  • Nenad ended up FIRST for the “Best Video / Podcast” in 2017.
  • Nenad also ended up with a 2nd place in the “Best Speaker” category 2017.
  • Nenad, Chris Svorcik and Admiral Markets ended up again with a 2nd place in the “Best Sell-Side Analysis Contributor” during 2017.

Can you benefit from Nenad’s award?


Do not miss the opportunity to get live daily analysis from Nenad Kerkez himself!! During February it will be free of charge.

Or get live education from the master if you signup for an account with Admiral Markets (and go live within 3 months).

To hear from Nenad yourself, please watch the below video:

Check out the official results and the tough competitors that Nenad had to beat. You can also see the winners of the other categories. 

Check out Nenad’s winning webinar.

Check out Nenad’s profile at FXStreet.

Check out the offical FXStreet announcement.

Best wishes and good trading,

Elite CurrenSea

Twitter: @elitecurrensea

Youtube: Elite CurrenSEA

Live webinars at: Admiral Markets

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