Nenad and Chris live at Forex eShow: learn 8 key points in 30 minutes

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Dear Traders,

We have great news: you will be able to see Nenad “Tarantula” and Chris Svorcik live on stage from the comfort of your own home!

If you are not able to make it to London on February 19th, then you are now able to watch the London Forex show.

What are the Forex topics of the eShow / webinar ?

Nenad and Chris have great topics ligned up for you at the London Forex eShow!

Make sure to join the webinar and you will learn 8 very important topics:

  1. three simple steps on creating clear analysis
  2. how energy and resistance impact price
  3. why price chooses the path of least resistance
  4. methods how to enter the market based on your analysis
  5. practical naked trading
  6. master candle concept 
  7. high momentum trading
  8. trade management

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When is the webinar?

Join us at 12:15pm till 12:45pm on Friday February 19th, 2016.

All of these topics are packed in a 30 minute seminar and online webinar.

Use #Forexshow to stay up-to-date on twitter regarding the Forex eShow!

Cheers and good trading,

Nenad and Chris

Twitter: @elitecurrensea

Youtube: Elite CurrenSEA

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