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WhatsApp is an internationally available messaging service owned by Meta platforms. The app has helped millions of people communicate across the globe. Having more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp has ranked as the most used mobile messaging application in the world. 

Before taking signals from any social interaction platform, traders should remain aware of the risk associated with the market. Although a forex signal is a blessing as it allows people to grow together, it is not wise to blindly believe someone.

The biggest risk in forex signals is no authority to ensure profitability. For example, if you buy a bond from the government, the government will handle your investment where the risk of losing money is not applicable until the government is going to be bankrupt. On the other hand, many websites and WhatsApp groups might attract you by offering sketchy and lucrative returns in a month, but you will lose your investment once you follow their service. Therefore, before taking service from the third party, verify its performance on websites like or read reviews on ForexPeaceArmy as well as open up a demo account before investing with the real money. 

List of the best Traders on WhatsApp

@Forex King Club 

It is an individual forex signal provider available on WhatsApp and Telegram. Currently, this group holds 257 members on the WhatsApp group and more than 8,000 members on its Telegram channel putting it next to top forex telegram traders. This WhatsApp group covers most forex trading instruments with a good risk vs. reward ratio. However, it uses the WhatsApp group for grabbing customers while the main service is provided through the telegram channel.

You will get some signals for free, but you need to pay monthly or quarterly to have the full service. This Telegram trading group has a monthly fee of $49, two years fee of $300 and a lifetime package of $500.

@Trademasters free group

Currently, Tradermasters free group has more than  250 members that exceed the single WhatsApp group’s capacity. However, reaching the maximum number of members and the high demand to join the group is a sign that its service is effective.

This group grabbed mass traders’ and investors’ attention by providing high-quality signals for free. Moreover, its signal quality is high and covers most of the trading instruments. Therefore, this platform would suit people who want free services from the beginning of their trading journey.

@Forex GDP

Forex GDP is a Forex Whatsapp group with both free and premium plans. In the free version, you get up to 3 trade signals per week. Keep in mind, that the signal quality is the same as you’d get in the paid version which is rare to come across.

This Trader group on WhatsApp claims to have set up the exit trades in the free version in a way where you can expect a target of 100 to 200 pips profit. In the paid version, you get high-quality Forex signals that depend on different trading strategies: 

  • Candlestick Chart Analysis
  • Trend Reversal
  • Breakout Strategy
  • Price Action 
  • Trending

There are two paid versions in Forex GDP: Premium and Supreme.

In the Premium plan, you get signals with a net profit of more than 700 pips per month. On top of that, you get access to accurate entry and exit points which is not available in the free version. On the other hand, the Supreme version gives you over 1500 pips net profit per month with a 1:5 to 1:10 risk to reward ratio.


How can I join a WhatsApp traders group?

If you do not have the WhatsApp application make sure to download the app from the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iPhone and create an account. Then search for the best WhatsApp Trading groups and follow the group link. 

How do you get trading Signals on WhatsApp?

First and foremost, make sure to take time to research a signals channel before you join in. Get to know people who are providing you with the service, look at the pricing options and if it fits your budget and do not forget to look at reviews online to see what other people are talking about this group. After you find the one that you like, most of the time the provider will have a public link to join the free version of the service and once you enjoy the process you may move to a VIP group chat where you get higher quality signals more frequently.

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