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From the end of 2019 till today, the Covid19 took a huge toll on everyone around the world, enclosing people in their homes. The boredom spiked a huge interest in content creation and so began the boom of a new Chinese social media platform TikTok. The app started out as a fun dancing video platform for Gen Z and evolved into a full career. The application’s popularity affected all sides of the business and different markets across the board. Brands noticed how influential TikTok has become and started raising awareness on the platform with 15-second videos which is another set of issues for the content creators. The financial industry was hesitant at first, most of the big names thinking that the industry is not the right fit for the platform, but some took the chance to break the mould. 

The financial industry has become an interesting topic for younger audiences, and numerous traders on TikTok gained attention. After a while, the app organically formed a subcommunity under the hashtag #FinTok (Combining the word Finance and TikTok). Content uploaded under this hashtag is all over the place. According to Guarding, FinTok influencers helped to close a knowledge gap for the UK’s youth. The community is not going anywhere, moreover, FinTok is growing bigger and bigger. In this sea of content, finding a gem is harder than you think. We have gathered the most influential traders on TikTok for you to follow. 

List of the best TikTok Traders

When looking for the right influencers on TikTok it is important to take into account different attributes that might help you to differentiate a trusted TikTok trader from a scam. 

First and foremost, check if the account is verified by the TikTok platform. The account should have a tick next to the handle as you see on the image.

This proves that the account is not posting misleading information and you can be sure there’s no ill intent behind the content. But nevertheless, always trust your instincts when it comes to trading and avoid making major trading decisions because they are trendy.  Although the verification status is important it is not the determining factor of how trustworthy the page is. You are going to see some pages on our list that do not have the verification but still provide good quality content.

Another key aspect is the followers to following ratio, try to look for accounts that generally have more followers than following. Although this is a minor detail, the history shows that a lot of fake TikTok traders tend to follow more people than vice-versa. 

If you are not sure about a certain TikTok trader, go and check the comment section and see what people are writing, try avoiding fake comments to boost the authority of the account. If the comment section is disabled, it’s a major red flag and you should avoid that account.

Ricky Gutierrez

Already established YouTuber, having more than 1 million subscribers, Ricky Gutierrez has moved to TikTok to further educate people about trading and how to grow your assets when you are just starting out.

Gutierrez mostly focuses on Stock Market and shares his strategies with an audience of over 60 thousand. This successful TikTok trader is not afraid to show off his high-end lifestyle achieved through successful trading practices. Gutierrez’s approach is very simple and his communication seems to appeal to a younger audience.

@trading101 Facebook reports earnings today #facebook #metaverse #elon #tesla #trading #investing #stockmarket #Totinos425 #fyp ♬ original sound – Ricky Gutierrez


TradingView is a new trading platform that most traders on TikTok seem to be using due to the modern design of the interface. The company saw the popularity of its platform and got the TikTok, offering mostly informational content covering the latest news in the trading industry.

As you can see the account has more than 30 thousand followers and is verified by the TikTok platform. We suggest you follow TradingView if you are interested in the trading news and pop culture events that influence the FinTok community.


Having nearly 100 thousand followers and more than half a million likes on TikTok, Daomaker is a modern venture capitalist organization looking to fund Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, hence the name DAO makers.

DAO makers are the best Crypto TikTok accounts on our list, having a huge experience and funding numerous startups. The investors of DAOMaker ventures have yielded over 250% by investing in numerous financial startups.

@daomaker Coincidence? #daomaker #canada #news #daomakernews #crypto #ethereum #metaverse #web3 ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

The company has used TikTok to then again raise awareness about the crypto market and is hopeful to see more young traders applying to get picked up by them.


Who is the most popular TikTok trader?

The FinTok community has acknowledged Humphrey Yang as one of the most influential traders in the subcommunity. Having more than 3 million followers, Yang is mostly focusing on real estate investments and financial advice regarding taxes, and some useful tips about the stock market.

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