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Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez

Head of Trading

Are you a devoted fan of price action looking to reduce the ‘noise’ of normal charts through a range bars trading system?

Then trading with range bars might be exactly the type of material you are looking for!

This article explains the benefit of forex range bar trading … plus it also adds a (free) bonus strategy also based on range bars, which you can immediately use for your Forex and CFD trading.

What are the Benefits of Range Bars Trading System?

The major advantage of trading with Range Bars is the removal of ‘time’ from the charts. Candlesticks, bars, lines all show price and time: each candle and bar represents the same unit of time.

Range bars work differently. The range bar only prints on the chart once price shows sufficient volatility and thus the speed of bars depends on the market volatility:

  1. Low volatility: range bar could take hours before visible on the chart
  2. High volatility: range bars appear quickly on the chart (even seconds/minutes)

Simply said, the price volatility is the main decisive factor behind each new bar on the chart. This removes much of the ‘noise’ and sideways price action that occurs when using candlestick or bar charts.

There is just a lot of moments when price not moving… range bars ignore this mess.

What are the Best Range Bars?

Traders can choose range bars settings that reflect short or long-term charts. Higher level of range bars show the long-term whereas lower levels of range bars indicate short-term:

  • Higher range bars: more price action and volatility is needed before a new range bar appears on the chart.
  • Lower range bars: less price action and volatility is needed before a new range bar appears on the chart.

A range bar of 8 will therefore take longer to appear on the chart then a range bar of 3. Traders can use the range bar 8 chart for determining the trend and the range bar 3 chart for finding entries after a pullback, for instance.

How to Use Range Bars for Trading?

Our range bars trading system offers three different and simple ways to trade markets:

  1. Trend based setups
  2. Consolidation patterns
  3. Upward/downward impulse
  4. Breakout patterns

Here is an example of a trending chart with two clear long setups market by the arrows. Price action becomes clear, visible and simple to read with range bars.

Make sure to join our telegram channel by using one of our supported brokers to see the systems in action.

The above example is a trending setup but in total, there are four different ways of tackling the market… all using range bars trading method. The biggest plus?

Clear method of analysing the chart without noise, focus on price action, and multiple ways of tackling the markets.

Our forex range bar trading method is called Forex Range Bars Pro Scalping System or FRB pro in short. It is a very effective method for trading but do not take our word for it:

Forex Range Bar Strategy Includes:

  • range bar strategy pdf,
  • MACD Alert
  • Range Bar EA
  • Extra Range Bar Indicators

Do you Offer other Strategies?

Yes we do. Range bar trading is great but not everyone is a fan and that is ok. Nenad and Chris are masters when using candlestick charts as well.

Nenad has developed his award winning CAMMACD method which offers one of best methods for tackling the markets and technical analysis. The ecs.CAMMACD system is a full-scale and intensive 360 degree view of the market but Nenad explains it all in crystal clear step-by-step instructions.

Chris also trades his own custom designed ecs.SWAT method which is based on wave patterns. His wave analysis is well known in the Forex market and he reveals his inner secrets in this ultimate ecs.SWAT (simple wave analysis trading) course. The course also offers custom made templates, indicators and trade setups without the need to know or learn wave analysis itself.

Another option of course is by securing a sponsorship by one of trusted brokers.

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