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Hi Traders,

Here is a LIVE example on the GBPNZD which was analyzed, discussed and taken in a live webinar at Admiral Markets. The targets were based on our Forex tool called FOREX WIZZ. The trade closed for +75 pips in 35 minutes and price even extended further.

By the way, my live webinars are every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 7:45am UK time. Click here to register for the next webinars.

As you can see we are very exicted about our new tool! We wanted to drop a personal note on how proud we are of the newly developed Forex Wizz tool.

Forex Wizz is very accurate and is fully based on the Fibonacci sequence. Fib levels go hand in hand with the market so these tools work as a charm. Here below you see an example of Forex Wizz in action. You can see that the levels are very well respected. The expected space incrases once price extends away from the 3rd purple line.

The great thing about this tool is that it:

1. Helps with locating targets (purple lines)

2. Ensures that the next target is clear

3. Identifies the wide open spaces are (between purple lines)

Wizz can be used on all currency pairs and all time frames.

OR take a look at the video to find out more details and see Wizz in live action.

Write us an email at info (at) for more info!

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