ecs.LIVE Gains 1611 Pips ? and 33.5 Reward in First Week ? (Spots Open)

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Dear Traders,

Our first week with ecs.LIVE started spectular with our trade setups and analysis closing for a total of +1611 pips profit and +33.5 reward (33.5% with 1% risk).

As an exception, we will share all of our setups below so you can review it yourself in detail.

The good news is that our 2 week free trial is still open for more 1 more week – and there is still space to join now.

What is ecs.LIVE?

Before we dive into the results, let’s explain what ecs.LIVE is trying to achieve. Our goal is to bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation, which is why ecs.LIVE offers real time trading ideas, setups and analysis on the Forex market, commodities, stock indices and cryptocurrencies (with emphasis on Forex).

But ecs.LIVE also offers a course and educational webinars and videos so that you keep growing and learning as a trader.

Here is a full list of ecs.LIVE has to offer:

  1. CAMMACD trade setups
  2. SWAT trade setups
  3. Daily market videos
  4. Live trading webinars (and recordings)
  5. Chart analysis 1 hour and lower
  6. Chart analysis 4 hour and higher
  7. Wave analysis
  8. Updates open trades
  9. Education course, videos and webinars

Feel free to join the 2nd week of the 2 week free trial by clicking on the banner below.


Starting November the first 100 people can get a life-time price of €75/month, which is our discounted offer before price will increase. If you sign-up for 3 or 6 months, you get a discount and the SWAT system indicators included as well. Also note that we use secure payment systems via Stripe and Paypal.

Last updated 4am GMT on Friday 27 October 2017.

First Week: +1611 Pips & +33.5 Reward

The image above shows the currency pair, time frame, date and time of entry, the entry level, stop loss (SL) level, take profits (TP) nad outcome.

The individual results of each trade setup is mentioned in mentioned in columns  P and Q. The running total is visible in columns R and S for both pips and reward to risk (R:R). The R:R measures the reward in pips versus the risk in pips.

Please note that these totals are only an indication what our setups could generate. Usually traders are only able to capture a part of the total because it is dependent on factors such as risk management, time availability and trade management. Although we do offer targets and use fractals for stop loss placement, results can still vary because of these variables. Also risk management is a key part of the equation and traders who are at the max of their risk should skip new trade setups until they are allowed to trade again within their risk management parameters.

Below you can see the total results in more detail, including the win rate of 77%.

A Closer Look at the Forex Market

As you can see in the table above, we offer SWAT setups, breakout trades, bounce trades and also CAMMACD setups. But the best part about ecs.LIVE is that you not only receive our best trade setups, but you will learn to analyse and understand charts, technical analysis and price movement as a pro. We provide you with our SWAT educational course which explains how you can analyse the charts like a road map and spot the best trade setups on that road map.

Some of the setups we traded using blank charts and SWAT charts were AUD weakness, JPY weakness, CAD weakness, NZD weakness.

GBP/JPY long setups during the first half of the week can be see in the image above.

AUD/USD shorts with blank charts and SWAT charts:

EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD long setups using SWAT template:

The above images only show a couple of setups that were mentioned in our videos, webinars and charts. We are still working on making the process smoother like having a quicker notification’s system.

In any case, on Sunday and Monday we are back with lots of new wave and chart analysis. Of course, also expect more webinars and videos from us throughout the entire week. All of that and more is for free next week if you sign-up for free trial.

Last but not least, we want to thank all of the ecs.LIVE traders who have helped us with their feedback and comments. We appreciate your help! Please keep writing in our forums and keep helping out other live traders.

Don’t hesitate and join ecs.LIVE now via the free trial and check out all of the cool charts and materials 🙂

Wish you good trading,

Nenad and Chris


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