Basic Forex Strategy for Beginners: The Daily ADX

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tarantula fx

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Dear traders, before you opt for an advanced trading method such as the CAMMACD and SWAT, you might want to try a basic trading method that should open the door to Forex trading – the beautiful and exciting world of making pips. Today’s beginner strategy is called The Daily ADX and is solely traded on a Daily time frame. That makes it ideal for beginners and traders with a part-time job.

Timeframe: Daily
Indicators used: 

  1. MACD (3,9,16)
  2. ADX(16) with + DI and – DI lines. The + DI line is blue, while the – DI line is red.
  3. Any pivot point indicator available set in the weekly timeframe

Buy Trade: MACD should go above 0 line and +di should be above -di. You open a buy trade when both conditions are fulfilled.

Sell Trade: MACD should give a sell signal and – di should be above +di. You open a sell trade when both conditions are fulfilled.

Target Price: Next Pivot level. For pivot points, we used the Admiral Pivot set on the weekly timeframe.

Stop Loss: 10 pips below the last swing low.

Here is the example of a long trade

And the example of a short trade

Of course, before you make a live trade you should practise on a DEMO account first. This strategy can be a great entry to Forex trading. We wish you success on your journey.

Happy pipping,


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