Back Testing EUR/USD: 86% Wins and +17% Profit with ecs.SWAT

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Hi Trader,

Yesterday’s EUR/USD +84 pip win with ecs.SWAT was not a coincidence. Earlier this week I just finished 7 months of backtesting the EUR/USD 1 hour chart with the exact same trade setup.

Today I wanted to share with you these initial results, because we are so exiciting about its potential! Usually, we would gather more data first before sharing because testing and trades are needed to verify the results. But the initial numbers are so promising that we could not resist sharing it with you.

We are working hard on expanding the time period so more info and stats are coming soon! In the meantime, we will share our first results…

High Win Percentage and Large R:R Ratio

The backtesting was completed from January to July 2017. The only currency and time frame tested was the EUR/USD 1 hour chart. So far, the results are very impressive: 86% wins and +17% profit with one of the ecs.SWAT trade systems. See the images and video for more details.

How Is the Setup Traded?

The back testing is based on one setup within the larger ecs.SWAT methodology. This means that we basically have mulitple setups within the larger SWAT method.

This particular system capitalizes on the break of the 3rd and 4th Wizz levels (see image below). It is only focused on trading the breakouts from the 3rd to the 4th level and from the 4th to the 5th level.

These zones offer massive advantages to Nenad, myself and all other Wizz traders because it allows us to see where we can expect big and powerful momentum.

Trading these Wide Open Spaces is easier when using the ecs.SWAT method and as you can see, we get a 86% win rate. Check out the Wizz video below for more info.

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