Accu PP System Takes Account from 300 to 1000 euro

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Hi Traders,

Great news: my stage 1 target has been reached!

That means I have managed to take a small account of 300 euro and make it grow to 1,000 euro via trading alone (no extra desposits of course).

Growing a small 300 euro account to 1000 euro

Many traders start with smaller levels of trading capital. This was exactly the reason why I choose to start this challenge in the same fashion. Trading with higher levels of capital is of course more appealing simply because more money can be earned. But to be honest, this was the best project I have ever done because 1) I highly enjoy trading Accu PP system and 2) it was a joy to see the account grow.

Yes, it wasn’t easy, but as mentioned on Admiral Markets Prime account helped us immensely, as you can see from the equity curve below. This is what I wrote on the website of Admiral Markets: “regardless of the markets traded or the strategy deployed, execution speed has been extremely important to successfully trading this account.”

Stage 1 challenge.jpg

Imporant lessons

The most important lesson is that we treated the account with utmost respect. We proved that an account can be built even when trading with a small funded account if a trader is using careful trading practices. Caution via consistent risk management, avoidance of overtrading, and discpipline in trade management, is the most critical part. The project basically was treated with respect and not as a get-rich scheme. Ambitous goals push you forward as a trader, but over the top targets just make traders unrealistic and gamblers.

The project phases

The graph above shows how many pips were made in stage one, reaching the target of 1,000 euro. But it does not end there! Our next goals are 5,000 euro during phase 2 and 10,000 euro during phase 3.

Many Green Pips,

Nenad “Tarantula” Kerkez

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Thank you

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