2 Week Trial Ends ? +2264 Pips and 70% Win Rate ?

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Dear Traders,

Our 2 week trial of ecs.LIVE ended last week and we had a wonderful 10 trading days.

Our statistics for the mentioned trade setups was +2264 pips, almost +50% reward (with 1% risk) and a 70% win rate.

This article shares our stats, some of our experiences and more info how you can join ecs.LIVE.

The Raw Data for 2 Trading Weeks

Simply said, the ecs.LIVE program is all about our analysis of the charts, wave analysis, CAMMACD setups and the SWAT software.

We wanted to offer traders the opportunity to check out our trading for free during these 2 weeks… so they could see all of the details and value for themselves, without any risk or obligation.

And we believe that the ecs.LIVE traders were not disappointed with our charts, although we will always strive to make things better.

Here is the total for these 2 weeks (see image below for all details):

  • +2264 pips
  • +49.5% profit / reward (1% risk / trade)
  • 70% win rate
  • 2.6 reward to risk ratio

Please note that these results indicate the gross pip pool. This is not intended as a guarntee or as a target. Also, each week/month can offer different results.

We Thank You and All Other Traders

Not everything went perfect from the very start and we want to thank all traders, members and followers for their help and feedback! It’s really great how everyone helped us improve our setup and structure. For instance, after talking to traders in the first week we realised that adding an overview sheet of our trade ideas and setups would help traders. Also our webinars had some issues at the start and traders were sometimes not sure what to find where, which is why we now have a forum topic specifically dedicated to that (“starting place”). And honestly, many improvement ideas are still on our list and we will do them as soon as we can… but of course our time is a bit limited considering our small team.

Ultimately Nenad and I run a simple, but straight forward website where our only mission is to help traders with their trading. We do not offer stupid claims, irreleastic targets, or fancy cars on our website. We are real traders and analysts and do this website as an extra. This is why some things take us longer to fix or prepare so perhaps therefore more patience is needed with our service. But we promise that improvements will be done regularly and that we will always do our best.

Goal of ECS site & ecs.LIVE: Learning & Software

Yes, we do share our setups on our ecs.LIVE page because this is one the best ways for traders to learn from us. However, it is important to know that we do not consider ourselves a signal service.

Our core focus is on:

  • Analysis
  • Trade setups
  • Software
  • Education

These are our main goals which we focus on via ecs.LIVE service, our ecs.SWAT software, and our ecs.CAMMACD system. Our package is therefore not recommended for traders looking for signals. It is recommended for those traders who want to learn and trade independently.

One extra word about the SWAT software because the signals and candles might make it seem like a simple entry system. The SWAT software is really meant to simplify the trading decisions for wave, pattern and market structure trades but not as a stand alone entry and exit tool. So yes, it makes trading easier, but no, it does not replace the need for analysis.

In any case, if you take the effort to learn, then we are sure that you will be soon tweeting something similar as the traders below (see image and above) 🙂

With that said, hope to see you soon in the member’s area.

If you are ready for the challenge, click on the banner below to join ecs.LIVE today, it’s 75 euro per month.

Wish you good trading!

Nenad and Chris


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I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Chris and Nenad for putting together this site and taking time out of your lives to help us become better traders. It’s refreshing to see people who actually care about the success and growth of other aspiring trader’s, all without the BS hype that’s found on the net. Also like that you guys are Real Traders down in the trenches with us everyday – Speaks Volumes. I can’t wait to dive into all the material and to start learning!


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