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Track our results 2 years back to the service incubation.
Not Only Signals
Wave Setups, Webinars & community interaction.
Praised by FXStreet, UK FX Awards, Forex Factory & more.
Live Education & Trading
Weekly live sessions + Q&A with Nenad & Chris.
Rapidly Growing
Organiser of Seminars & Online events across EU.
Tools & Indicators
Come with CAMARILLA-pro/cammacd.LOA.

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ecs.LIVE 6 Months & cammacd.LOA
With ecs.LIVE 6 months you get, daily Telegram setups based on SWAT & CAMMACD trading

Traders Behind ecs.LIVE

Team member
Chris Svorcik
Co-Founder, Wave Trader, Educator & Analyst
Team member
Nenad Kerkez
Co-Founder, Momentum Trader & Educator


Best Analysis & Video Education


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Two years in a row, FXStreet community votes Elite CurrenSea for contribution in the areas of Analysis & Video Education.
Top Forex Factory Trader


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Forex Factory community recognises Nenad Kerkez among top twelve Forex traders in the community
Best FX & CFD Education in UK


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An award for the release of an Educational Program for an UK FCA Premium Brokerage
Best Analysis & Video Education

For contribution in the areas of Analysis & Video Education.
Top Trader

Nenad Kerkez is among top 12 traders in
FF community
Best FX Education in UK

For Development of an Educational Program
Zero to Hero


Tradeinvest, Ljubljana, SloveniaVinn, SingaporeTrader Mod, Bangkok, ThailandJon, Kork, Ireland
I'm following Chris and Nenad for aprox 4 months and they really provide great trading setups and educational materials. I attended their FX & CFD SEMINAR and I absolutely recommend this to anyone.
Tradeinvest, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Superb Wave Analysis & Price Action
They are fully committed not only towards providing quality signals, but to offer quality education and build the people who follow them to be able to analyse charts and take clutch trades.
Vinn, Singapore
Revolutionising, Simple Trading Solutions.
Just joined their service for one month. They made my account grew 4%. Keep going ECS. Thanks for the good services and looking forward to new tools.
Trader Mod, Bangkok, Thailand
Great Trading Setups & Analysis
I've been studying the Forex market for about the past 12 months and these guys are the best teachers and analysts that I've come across so far. The output of material, and the knowledge that they possess is incredible, and a quick look at. Just check their YouTube.
Jon, Kork, Ireland
Best in the Business

All Reviews were taken from Forex Peace Army. See more by clicking on the widget below.

Systems Behind ecs.LIVE



Award-Winning Trading by Nenad

  • Setups from cammacd.MTF & LOA (multiple time frames, London Open Advanced)
  • Trade management on all ecs.CAMMACD setups
  • 2x live ecs.CAMMACD webinars / week
  • Special Offers to all Cammacd traders


Riding Waves Effortlessly with Chris’ SWAT

  • ecs.SWAT setups on 4 hour charts
  • Daily wave analysis on 3 Forex majors and 1 extra pair
  • Extra 2x ecs.SWAT analysis per day
  • 2x live ecs.SWAT webinars / week



What time frames, how many, and which instruments are included in ecs.LIVE?

The ecs.LIVE service is mostly focused on the Forex market. We do offer some analysis on Gold, stock indices, and oil as well.

The average number of setups in one trading week (Monday morning GMT to Friday evening GMT) averages around 12 to 14. The actual number of setups can vary from week to week and be above or below this average.

The trade setups are most often based on the 1 hour and 4 hour time frames using the ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.SWAT systems & tools.

What type of trades do I find in ecs.LIVE and when?

The trade setups are usually market orders as both Nenad and Chris prefer to take into account current price action for their decisions.

Most setups occur anytime between 4am GMT and 10pm GMT each trading day. The most activity is often during London and New York sessions.

How can I benefit from ecs.LIVE?

Our main goal is that traders become independent and profitable traders in the long-term. As most traders struggle to reach their targets, ecs.LIVE is meant as a bridge to narrow the gap between theory and practice. We do that by showing how we tackle the markets via daily analysis, webinars, trade setups, and regular education.

The idea length that traders join ecs.LIVE depends on your experience level:

  • Traders with 0-2 years experience: best to be a member for 1-2 full years if possible.
  • Traders with 2-5 years experience: best to be a member for at least 6-12 months.
  • Traders with 5+ years experience: best to be a member for at least 3-6 months.
What kind of results do you get and what can I expect?

The results of ecs.LIVE vary from week to week and month to month, like all traders should experience. That said, the long-term averages offer us consistent gains.

  • Out of 21 periods with 4 weeks, we only had 3 that were negative (14%) and 18 were positive (86%). (The negatives ones were -0.11%, -0.2%, and -3.7%).
  • Out of 84 weeks of trading, we only had 15 negative weeks (18%) and 69 were positive weeks (82%).

Here are the total results since we started ecs.LIVE back in October 2017 up to June 7, 2019.

  1. Gain +16,604 pips and +359.5% profit (using 0.5-3% risk per setup)
  2. Trade 1,089 setups
  3. Close 718 trades as win or break even (65.9%)
  4. Realise an average reward to risk ratio of 1.20:1

The results that you can expect are unknown. First of all, the results achieved in the past do not give any guarantee about the future results. Second of all, it depends on which trade setups you manage to trade, which ones you miss, which traders you trade yourself etc. Thirdly, risk management is critical and key for any trader. Anyone who does not control their risk will never be able to make profits in the long run. Fourthly, it depends on your experience and how comfortable you feel when trading from a trading psychology point of view.

The best approach for traders is to use ecs.LIVE as a source of education, learning, trade inspiration, and a practical connection from theory to practice. Also, you can discover the various ecs.CAMMACD systems and the ecs.SWAT method so that you can perhaps discover which style suits you most.