The Semiconductor Industry is Interested in Adopting Blockchain Tech, Accenture Report Shows

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Recently, a multinational consulting company in management, technology solutions, and outsourcing conducted a research on the semiconductor industry that led to impressing conclusions regarding their impact on blockchain technology.

The report was entitled “Semiconductors: Fueling the Industry’s Future as Never Before” and supervised by one of the famous consulting businesses Accenture. The study is based on a survey applied on IT executives from 25 countries, 18 industries, and more than 6300 companies.

According to the report, the semiconductor industry has the highest number of executives who are positive on the idea to integrate blockchain technology within their companies in the next three years. Even more, many executives shared their vision on other types of tech such as Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality. As reported by Businesswire, 90% of the executives shared the same idea indicating that “every human globally will be directly impacted on a daily basis by an AI-based decision within three years.”

In the opinion of Syed Alam, the leader of Accenture’s semiconductor practice:

“Throughout the industry’s complex supply chain, blockchain simplifies business operations leveraging semiconductor chips and related technologies.”

“This faster traceability will improve companies’ business operations and accelerate delivery of their products to market – while enabling them to do so at lower costs. Semiconductor companies can also use blockchain to create, scale and manage technology-based collaborations and redefine future business transactions.”

Industries like banking, aerospace, healthcare are interested in integrating blockchain tech

The companies targeting the integrations of blockchain tech were mainly part of industries like banking, aerospace as well as healthcare. It’s surprising and promising that businesses really believe in this advanced tech:

“Semiconductors are the smart engines underpinning the latest and most intelligent technologies in the high-tech world such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and extended reality,” Alam went on stating, “For decades this industry has thrived on being at the cutting edge of these valuable technologies to deliver more-personalized experiences to businesses and consumers. Our research demonstrates that the semiconductor industry plans to lead in both understanding the daily impact of these new technologies, and driving their practical application in the marketplace.”


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